april 19

Loved the reference library above, spotted in one of the Chelsea Galleries we visited.

Kim Parker . . . what can I say, amazing designs and a completely, utterly lovely person! I have been a fan for quite a few years so meeting Kim was one of the highlights of the trip.
Kim spoke quite candidly and at length of her journey thus far. Her husband Felipe was equally as nice and you couldn’t help but notice how much he totally loves, adores and supports her, it was lovely to watch the chemistry between them. As the story goes, they were both married to other people when they met at a fancy dress party. Now I can’t remember what Kim went as but apparently Felipe arrived as a complete match to her costume and the rest as they say is history. I love stories like that! Talk about destiny!


One Comment on “april 19

  1. Me too…so “romanesque” . The “chemistry” you talk about is’nt their own property but it goes beyond, everyone benefits from it wherever one can be.

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