the day before turning 40!

Lately the days have been swooshing by!

Today I’m trying to cram as much in (like things I have been putting off, a blood test I was meant to have months ago for example) so that tomorrow when I begin my 40th year, with the gift of a brand new day, it’s a fresh start!

So, today the day before 40 I am  . . .

Opening the huge mountain of crochet-a-rainbow parcels which have been arriving each and every day. I am aware that there are still many people waiting in the wings to sign up, please be patient for your reply email, my inbox is overflowing, I will reply to each and everyone of you in due course. In the meantime, yes, please get hooking and make as many granny squares as you can!

I will go and have that blood test, though I know when the results come in my iron levels will still be low, low, low. I’m thinking an iron infusion may be on the cards!

Find a glitzy frock and heels to wear to dinner tomorrow. A fancy, schmancy restaurant has been booked with pre dinner cocktails in the lounge, can not wait!

Sort travel insurance for our trip.

I’m in major de-clutter mode at the moment, having a huge jumble sale on Ebay with lots more to list today. Take a peek here!

Squeeze in a spray tan if time permits, I’m looking a little too lily white!

Write up a pattern that I know many of you have been waiting for, fingers crossed it’s ready to go by tomorrow!

Chase up a yarn order and add to it as you do!

Other things to note today . . .

My husband bakes cakes in the camp oven when he takes our boys camping but will not give my mixmaster a spin when at home.

When he browsed the wine list for dinner tomorrow night I received this email . . . I am thinking the 1983 Penfolds Bin 95 ‘Grange Hermitage’ but is 1067 the price or the post code from where it is bottled?

Oh yes, he is the funny one!

OK, my skates are on and tied tightly, I’m off to plough through my to do list!



30 Comments on “the day before turning 40!

  1. Happy Birthday and hope you have the best day ever! I remember my 40th…….that was only 5 yrs ago now…and I still feel all of “29”…LOL

  2. Congratulations for your special birthday!!! how exciting : -))

    granny question: how many sqaures are you using for each rainbow blanket?

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a grand day. Those granny squares all neat in the box make me want to crochet a bunch, until I remember I have to join them. 😉

  4. Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!
    I hope you have a fabulous day celebrating YOU!!!
    When will you be in NYC?

  5. The 40’s are the best ones.You have the knowledge and the maturity to have a better life and you still young in body.Great accomplishments are on the way like your book for example so LIVE,LAUGH and LOVE everyday.
    Happy Birthday,my inspirational diva.

  6. Happy Birthday!

    I hope it won’t bring you too much grief if I point out that if you’re turning 40, you’ve already completed 40 years. On your 40th birthday, you’re about to begin your 41st year! 😉

    No matter…hope the day brings good, happy things regardless. Enjoy your fancy dinner out and your fresh start. Forty is fab.

  7. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I think turning 40 is the best – I finally felt like a grown up! And I don’t tend to care so much what other people think, which has been a pain for many years. I’m so much happier to be me!! 🙂 The granny squares are looking gorgeous. So many lovely, talented people – and very caring too. Have a fantastic birthday xx

  8. Happy Birthday:) Have a wonderful dinner .

  9. happy 40th.. love your squares and wow so many… going to check out your ebay and ummm the cake your husband makes – would like to know more about that – we are rv fulltime folks and boy that cake looks good!!

  10. Happy Birthday, Sarah. Hope you get everything done before your big day!

  11. Happy Birthday!
    By the way, try home squeezed organic beetroot juice for your iron condition. Just drink it in small doses and 1/2 hour after squeezing.
    It does wonders for iron deficiency, we all it an iron bomb.
    The problem with artificial iron supplements is that body can’t absorb it without a bunch of other ferments and elements.

  12. Happy 40th!! (It’s the new 25 you know….) 🙂 I have a huge stash of Grannies for the rainbow project waiting for you, but haven’t recieved the address yet 😥 Could you send it?
    Have a fabulous day, but with that cake, how could it go wrong!
    Many happy returns!
    The Netherlands.

  13. happy, happy birthday, sarah!
    i wish you have a great and peaceful day with your family,
    friends, telefoncalls and nice emails.
    40 sounds quite adult, but be sure, the best years are yet to come!
    i´m 4 month before my 50 th birthday and live seems to be easier.
    exept some extra kilos on my hips!

    greetings from sunny stuttgart/ germany


  14. Have a happy day tomorrow. My best wishes. I’d like to be 40 again.
    Great to see so many squares coming in. No wonder you don’t have any spare time. It’s a great thing you are doing.
    Kick those heels up.

  15. Hi Sarah…hope you have a fabulous Birthday…and many more to come
    Hated being 40 loved being 50 and now can’t wait to be year and a cruise planned to celebrate..see it just gets better and better hehe
    Happy Birthday
    Hugs X

  16. Have a FABULOUS day tomorrow!

    Looking over your blog is like seeing a rainbow everyday!

    The vibrancy is phenomenal, keep it coming!

    Keryn x

  17. Auguri, spero sia uno splendido compleanno, così come tu desideri.

  18. Have a great birthday … and an even better fancy schmancy dinner! Loved seeing all the packages of granny squares – I hope the blanket-making isn’t too all-time-consuming.

    BTW, that bread in the pot photo – just super. Yumm!

  19. Happy Birthday to you. Mine was yesterday and my Cousins is tomorrow!
    Have a great time.
    We are going out to the Atlantic Club in Newport RI tonight for the 2nd half of mine.

  20. Have a fabulous, fabulous birthday! There was something about the 40th birthday that worried me when it was my turn in January. Until my dear friend who also turned 40 at the same time said “honey embrace it, we still look hot!” – so I tell myself that little mantra often!! Enjoy your wonderful night out. And also – it goes without saying really but thank you so much for your ongoing inspiration!

  21. Congrats!!!!
    Have a wonderfull day today. All the best.

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! It is true, your 40’s will be great. Your life is already so full it is hard to imagine it gets better but it’s a wonderful time. I married at 40 and 7 years later I realise it has been the happiest decade of my life.
    Oh the packages of squares look fab, still working on my contribution, hope to send a bundle as soon as poss.

  23. Happy Birthday! The 40s are great! and March is a great month for birthdays. 🙂

  24. Hi Sarah,

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day. I’m busy making Granny Squares. My grandmother (84 years) who also joined has already made 92! She can’t stop!


  25. I had my 40th when I lived in Manchester UK.
    Went to my sister in law in Tintwhistle and they had signs all the way up the pass about me turning 40.LOL.I didn’t even know it was me till we were almost there.We had an American Birthday and it was my best B/D ever.
    SARAH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get to the Dr’s please. I need to go too and have been putting it off.We do not want you suck!
    Hugs to you!

  26. OOPSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That would be SICK not suck even if it would suck.LOL.Oh it’s Friday this explains it all.

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