Christopher Kane

So have you noticed, ‘Granny Squares’ are popping up more and more frequently on the runway!

Take a look at Scottish designer, Christopher Kane’s latest collection!


10 Comments on “Christopher Kane

  1. Sarah, I think that should be your next project (because you have sooo much time on your hands at the moment), a pattern for a granny square skirt. I know I’d love one. Anyone else?

  2. Wow – funny isn’t it! My ultra-cool nephew has been begging me to make him a granny square jumper… I’m still in shock.

  3. That is really cool!! Love the jackets because it’s crochet without screaming I’m CROCHET!

  4. How fabulous! Maybe you could interpret these into you pdf monthly ‘hip to hook’ patterns. Love the jacket!!!

  5. These are awesome thank you for sharing with us. Would love for you to design something along these lines for us. The design and texture would be a great addition to my wardrobes {mine is kinda boring and I need to spice it up a bit}.

  6. Hi I don’t think any of it was done with wool as it looked like it was painted on to a shiny fabric, which is a shame

  7. I would love, love, love a pattern for a granny square skirt! I think I have officially crossed over, after 11 years, from being a knitter who crochets, to a crocheter who knits. The granny squares — I just can’t get enough.

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