and more grannies!

Two more parcels arrived late this afternoon! Take a peek!

Thank you Jessica!

Thank you Inga Helene!

Inga Helene also had a great idea and included the info band from the yarn used to hook the grannies!

And look what also was tucked inside the parcel, the most perfect snowflake!! A welcomed token today, the promise of cooler days. We have been experiencing extreme heat conditions over the last week. It’s been so very, very hot with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees celsius the equivalent of 104 plus fahrenheit! So thank you Inga Helene, I love it!!

Now most of you would have heard that Far North Queensland, Australia is now bracing itself for a major cyclone, Cyclone Yasi, due to hit later this evening. That’s Yasi spinning in the top right hand corner!

After experiencing wild weather myself, but not of this magnitude, whilst living in Darwin, I know only too well how frightening it can be. My heart goes out to those preparing for the impact of Cyclone Yasi!

Our thoughts are with you!



6 Comments on “and more grannies!

  1. What a wonderful gesture with the here in Minnesota USA I would love to send some real snowflakes that way! 🙂 Love what you are doing and have added you to our blog…

  2. Our thoughts are with those who are in the path of the cyclone –
    wishing them safe.

  3. I heard about the cyclone and it made me feel sick. As if the people of Australia haven’t been through enough! Time for them to catch a break. Meanwhile, I’m working away on my grannies and hope to have them off to you soon.

  4. I’ve just lived through Cyclone Yasi – as experience I do NOT want to repeat – but all is well …phew. I feel for the people living further north who really are doing it tough.

    I will get my grannies in the post to you some time this week.

  5. Hello,
    Can you give me your address. I’ll do some grannies et I’ll send them to you

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