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What a wonderful response so far to project Crochet-A-Rainbow!

A huge big thank you from the very bottom of my heart to everyone who has signed up!

At the last count we have 106 120 129 138 149 152 158 173 people from all over the world on board!

And when I say from all over the world I mean it, we have people from Australia, Spain, USA, Algeria, UK, Latvia, Sweden, Austria, Russia, Canada, South Africa, NZ, Iceland, Germany, France, Malaysia, Switzerland, Greece, Norway, Finland, Brazil, Ireland all crocheting granny squares for Crochet-A-Rainbow!

Firstly, I’d like to share a few snippets of the emails that arrived in my inbox with you . .

From Algeria . . I am sorry for what happened in Australia. I subscribe to crochet a rainbow to give some help and tell people in Australia we think about them and our granny squares made with love are to keep them in the heat of our love . .

From Australia . . It feels so rewarding to help in some small way to give people something that is made with love and not something that is just store purchased . .

From Latvia . . There are no words that can comfort in such tragedy apart from ‘I understand’!

From Sweden . . I think its a great idea, I have put it on my blog and I also send an email, with a link to your site, to the radio here in Sweden that have nationwide coverage. So maybe they say something in broadcast and more people will join . .

From USA . . I would love to help our friends from Downunder . .

From USA . . I’ve been feeling so helpless over here in the States wondering what to do. Thanks for the opportunity!

From UK . . Count me in, I lived in Queensland for a year in my teens and have a family member living there, thankfully safe.

From UK . . I have friends that are in the area that has been affected, so this is just what I was looking for to add a helping hand . .

From Canada . . I visited Australia for the first time this year and loved it! I can’t believe the devastation in Queensland and would be happy to contribute some squares.

From USA . . What a terrific idea you have for all of us to work together throughout the world to bring some “color” into the lives of those who have lost most of theirs . .

From USA . . Our school’s crochet club would like to participate!  Please sign us up!

From USA . . I know of how painful & the devastation floods can cause…we just went through this in my home state this past spring. I live near Nashville, TN and on May 1st 2010 we had terrible flooding with lots of lives lost and lots of people losing their homes. So my heart goes out to Australia and if I can help a little bit, I would love to . .

From Australia . . I am an ex Brisbane girl and still have family and friends back in Brissie.  I have been extremely distressed by what has happended as I lived through the ’74 floods and it has all been a reenactment. I was looking for someway to make a contribution and thank you so much for providing a way that I feel I can help.

From Iceland . . The news of the floods and the devastating footage has been heartbreaking.

From Australia . .We have narrowly escaped flooding ourselves (in Horsham), and I am watching on nervously as my children and my parents battle it out in Kerang (Victoria), but we were never going to experience the ferocity of what has happened in Queensland, and we had the warning to prepare as best we could. My heart just goes out to everyone. It’s the least I can do, and i feel like I am sending love as I am hooking, as silly as that sounds!!

From USA . . Where I live in Tennessee, back in May we had flood that experts say was a 1000 year flood. It was awful and things, people, etc. are still rebuilding and cleaning from that. God bless you all and keep you safe!!

From Australia . . I was trying to figure out how I could help cause I dont have any cash to donate and I’m not able to fly up there to volunteer. This is just perfect!!

From USA . . The news about the flooding has been so tragic and I would love to help out . .

From Australia . . Those poor people who have been devastated by the horrendous floods sure need a rainbow at this time . .

From Australia . . I live in Victoria, close to where some of our worst flooding is happening now, and I wish I could do more to help out. Thanks so much for doing this.

From Australia . . What a wonderful way to put a little happiness back in these people’s lives. Being pregnant with two small children makes it difficult to help in any significant way and only this morning I was lamenting to my husband that I wish there was something I could do . .

From Australia . . I’ve started some squares and as I live in Brisbane is there any other way I can help as I didn’t get flooded but if you need them to be delivered I could do so.

From Australia . . Love and tears go to the people of QLD & Vic people . .

From UK . . Am just about to start on my first granny square for the “rainbow”!

From USA . . I’d LOVE to have myself and my group of Wonderful Ladies help with this!!

From USA . . I love being a part of Art making a difference. Wrapping people in beauty and hope.

From USA . . My family was visiting in Australia when the flood began. I would love to help with this project.

From the small sampling of words above I’m sure you will agree that each granny square is going to be filled with unmeasurable love!

Now there have been mentions of forming a Crochet-A-Rainbow group on Ravelry and also on Facebook. I’m looking for volunteers who would be happy to set these up and keep the pages updated frequently. If you’d like to volunteer then please email me at

If you’ve been thinking of signing up, it’s not to late! Just email or leave a comment to be added to the list.

It’s so great to see complete strangers unite to become one, to extend love and kindness, to show we care, to all who have suffered greatly in these floods!

I’d also like if you could today/tonight pop over to Julie’s blog and read this post and be sure to follow her link to here! It’s powerful!

Ok, let’s get hooking!!


11 Comments on “the crochet community

  1. Hi, I’d love to help. Please let me know where to send them to and what the deadline is and I’ll try to forward as many as possible.

  2. I live in one of the few areas of Queensland not affected by the floods.

    I would like to join the project. I have left a reply at Ravelry.

  3. Sarah,

    I would love to help out. I love to make granny squares and this is the perfect cause to justify making more and more. I’m the President of KS (kiss) My Stitch Crochet Guild in Wichita, Kansas (USA) and I’ll see what kind of participation I can get from my small group of crocheters.

  4. What a lovely idea. Please sign me up. I’ll start making squares this weekend. Should we use worsted weight yarn? I want to make sure my squares are the same size as everyone elses.
    Pattie, USA

  5. I would love to crochet some grannies to help out.
    sign me up pardner!
    ka in fort worth texas usa

  6. I remember in 10th of october 1980, when there was El Asnam earthquake, during Bab El Oued floods and many other bad nature’s manifestations ,people all over the world were so kind with us. I’ll never forget.

  7. i was hoping for the ladies of Meals on Wheels to help out, but i guess i have had no luck,
    But dont worry, i have not given up, mine will be on the way soon.
    and i will continue to make more for you

  8. Bonjour; J’aimerais faire des grannies pour aider les gens d’australie.
    N’est-il pas trop tart ?
    peuxtu me donner une adresse ou je peux les envoyer ?

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