fresh & renewed

Christmas is over again for another year!

We spent a lovely Christmas night at my Dad’s.

Eat, drink and be merry was the order of the night!

My step Mum + step brother are both excellent cooks, the dishes were scrumptious!

In between eating, drinking and opening presents I did manage to snap a shot of Em in her gorgeous festive dress!

And that may be my husband in the background, rarely does he appear here on the blog!

We were all completely spoilt again this Christmas.

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a new lot of Lego to build. My boys both love their Lego!

The new Spaces + Sweet Treats were waiting under the Tree for me.

Glitzy earrings + a pretty bangle too!

One of the gifts Emma gifted me was a beautiful heart pendant with one side engraved with Mum and the other side Daughter. As any of you with a 20 year old daughter may know things change as your children become young adults, when boyfriends are on the scene, busy social lives, work, Uni etc. All of a sudden before you’ve realized it your eldest is grown up, spending less time at home and any free time is spent with the Boyfriend! The last few months have been a little testing as we both adjust, so the thoughtfulness of her gift melted my heart.

We snapped it in half and no matter what we will always be connected!

Now also under the Tree with my name on it was an iPad.

I am absolutely loving it!!!

I’ve been installing plenty of Apps, Zinio for digital mags, Amazon Kindle for books and Apps to help keep me organized in 2011.

I’ve also just found one to keep all my recipes in one place and easily accessed. I’ve also given BlogPress a test run, I just have to work out how to adjust photos to the correct size. So, do you have any recommendations of excellent Apps that I should look at. My 16 year old also found an iPad under the Tree with his name on it, of course he has been installing games, games and more games!

Also any recommendations for Data Plans in Australia?

Oh and yes that is an Apple TV spotted in the photo, as I said we were very spoilt. I’m in love with it too, movies in an instant! We’ve spent the last few nights on the sofa with popcorn.

I also completely cleaned off my desk today! Clutter begone! Fresh, and ready for the New Year!

Are you making resolutions, grand plans for the New Year ahead, are you doing a little Spring cleaning and organizing, what’s happening in your world today?


12 Comments on “fresh & renewed

  1. My world is just about to get a bit more crowded with brand new news of grandchild number three arriving in July! I have already started crocheting the receiving blanket! A lovely vintage pattern. My new years resolution is to have it finished very quickly so that I can move onto finishing my very bright granny square afgan that only needs the other half to be put together now. Oh yes…and doing a lot more colourful stuff in my diary and taking my poodle for lots more “whisper walks”, love those whisper walks. Happy New Year everyone!

  2. Hi Sarah, I’m sure you will love your iPad even more when you’ve had it a little while and realized all the extra things it’s great for. Check out Reeder. It’s the best feed reading app I’ve found. Very pretty visually and so simple for keeping up with hundreds of blogs. It syncs with google reader.
    Happy new year!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Just love it when one of your blogs bounces into my inbox. I always know that I’m going to be impressed, astounded, ohh and ahhh and simply adore what I’m going to be seeing. I’m also looking forward to what I feel will be a sensational 2011 for me, work, heart and hobby wise. I’ve made it my first new year’s resolution to make a Bucket List and see how many I can cross off next year. Hope you have an awsome New Years Eve with your wonderful family and I look forward to receiving my Sarah London emails in 2011.

    Warmest regards,


  4. Love you mother/daughter pendants, beautiful!
    Spring cleaning starts here next week!!
    Vivienne x

  5. ooo…what a lovely xmas!
    my daughter bought lots of glitzy nic-nacs – things i would never spend money on for myself. i’m so happy with them.

    i had been looking everywhere for candy canes for weeks and finally found some pretty pink ones half price and the supermarket last night! am going to make the choc cookies on new years day!

    and how are you finding zinio???

    happy new year and thanks for blogging.
    i love your posts.

  6. Yay for the ipad! I got one too. Am loving playing Words with Friends (a scrabble game). Enjoy!

  7. Love your holiday presents (including the ones photo’d).

    I’m looking forward to an even more creative 2011 than my 2010 (which, for me, was pretty dang creative).

    I expect you will have the same. All the best to you and yours in the New Year!

  8. Your Christmas photos are lovely! Knitters Magazine has a free download of their Fall 2010 issue on Zinio for iPad. I have had mine since they first came out and it is my favorite laptop. It’s great for keeping on the coffee table by the sofa for leisure reading and checking email. I also love it for carrying my music to the kitchen to entertain me while I cook. has iPad format for recipes as well which makes them easy to read right from the iPad without having to print them out on paper.

    I am interested in hearing more about your Apple TV after you’ve had a chance to use it. I too am an Apple product fan.

    Love your crochet projects, they are very inspiring. Your blog is top notch, and your daughter is stunning!

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to viewing more of your beautiful creations!

    Naples, Florida
    United States

  9. Okey dokey – 1st off – loving the necklace – my 10 year old gave me one too. Gotta buy the chains though.

    2nd – Lego! Win

    and then an ipad and apple Tv…..etc etc….

    I love my ipad – have had it for a little longer – and would recommend the following

    Zen Bound2 – hours of zen fun
    Good Reader (if you go to Rav and the ipad group (or look me up under Moggyandme and check out my groups….there is a whole thread about good reader. You can actually log on and get all of your rav library downloaded to Goodreader so you can always access it).
    ABC iview – for all those ABC shows you missed
    ABC – stream ABC radio etc when you are cooking dinner/breakfast etc
    uzu – just plain good cool fun wasting app
    ditto Beatwave – all about the music
    Pictureka – super good fun with the kids


    think thats about it. Sorry -got carried away

  10. Hai… I’m new here…just found out your page. Not too late to wish you Happy New Year I guess….

    By the way, I am from Malaysia and I like it very much on the page presentation and all the writings. From now on I’ll be checking on it regularly…. It gives me all the inspiration….the crochet, the story, the picture…..

    Till now….bye and wishing you all the best.

  11. wow! clue me in on the recipe app you’ve found. i so need one!!!
    love you’re blog…Happy New Year!

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