Twenty + Eleven

It’s a week of celebrations here, my eldest turned twenty and my youngest will turn eleven before the week is over!

This year Emma decided that horse riding along a beach would be a nice thing to do on her birthday, so a quick google and a quick phone call to book and it was set.

Here we are, Emma, her boyfriend and I.

We followed our ride with a lovely bite to eat by the Bay!

And later that evening a meal + drinks with friends at the local pub!

Happy birthday gorgeous girl!

Ok one down, one to go, time to pitch the tent in the backyard for the next party! Thomas loves to have a heap of friends over and camp out!


7 Comments on “Twenty + Eleven

  1. Such a beautiful young woman…you must be very proud of her!!!!

  2. Your girls are beautiful, Sara.
    Perfect plans, perfect day!
    Happy birthday to her..!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. My eldest turned twenty this year, too. She also got married. But I don’t really feel old.
    I saw you deriding yourself in an earlier post thinking you weren’t photogenic. But the photos were lovely and it’s obvious where your gorgeous daughter got her looks.

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