Yarn + Fabric

So over the holidays I splurged a little and treated myself to a few balls of Paris yarn. I’ve been meaning to give this yarn a whirl for a while now and although I don’t normally work with cotton, with Summer just around the corner the timing is perfect.

I’ve also been sorting through my fabric stash, well some of it anyway.

Am thinking a nice florally patchwork quilt for Spring is on the cards!


Found amongst the piles, my one and only remnant of this gorgeous fabric. I’m thinking it may have been a vintage sheet or perhaps curtains, anyway, it’s always been a treasured square, love the colours, peach + pink, love the print, actually what are those flowers? Are they poppies?

Psst, it’s nearly time to officially spill the beans!

Dreams really do come true when you keep your heart and mind focused, and that’s all I’m saying for now!


5 Comments on “Yarn + Fabric

  1. Looking forward to seeing what you make from the cotton yarn, it is my favourite to work with. Your floral fabric is as you said ‘ poppies’.

  2. I can’t wait to see what you are doing with the Paris Yarn.I’ m going today to look for some to myself.Keep us posted,dear.
    Have a blessed week

  3. I have some of both of those last two fabrics and I can attest that they are originally from bed sheets. the pink and green flowers were from about 1970 to 75, the other, I am not sure about but I think probably early 1980’s. Want More? frequent the thrift shops in your area, both of these patterns also come in a blue colourway, but personally I love the pink best. Good luck hunting!

  4. Can’t wait for you to spill the beans sound exciting

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