Vacation Mode

We’re still in vacation mode here with just a few days left of the school holidays but I thought I’d pop in to say the latest issue of Inside Crochet has hit the newsstands, it’s jam packed and bursting with colour!

You can grab a digital copy of the November issue right here!


6 Comments on “Vacation Mode

  1. Oh that magazine looks fantastic! How do you get a copy to come in the mail, the real mail. LOL. Thank you for the checking out my orange trimmed granny squares. I love, love all your color! Beautiful !

  2. Sarah ~ I took your iCrochet button and put it in my sidebar with a link. I assume that’s what it’s for, but I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes so I thought I’d ask about it. Is that okay? I really enjoy seeing everyone’s projects!


  3. Hi Sarah,

    I’ve just read this article about you in my latest Inside Crochet issue and just had to look up your website as you do such beautiful work. Nice to meet you and I shall definitely be popping back regularly!


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