The Maldives

I so have the Maldives on my bucket list! How about you?

So serene!

13 Comments on “The Maldives

  1. I have been there! It was THE MOST glorious and relaxing break I have ever had. We stayed at Karni (Club Med) and we were there for New Years Eve….it was magical! Absolutely no stress. Floated in the water all day long. Stayed in a bure over the water too! Food was excellent. Free bottled water every day. Weather unbeatable. Will definitely go back. Luckily I came back to earth when we stayed over in Singapore for a few nights afterwards. There is some serious shopping to be done there! Would you like some photos?

  2. Not there, but the neighbouring Indian islands of Lakshadweep. We were there in December of 2007, and they were amazing. The colour of the sea is incredible and the scuba and snorkelling is great fun. The tan took over 3 months to wear off, though!

  3. Amazing place!!!!! I’d like too, but it´s impo$$ible to me (by now, at lease…who knows….maybe I´ll win the lottety…..)

  4. I’m lucky enough to have been to The Maldives (Hilton Resort and Spa), it’s amazing. The snorkeling is fantastic there. I’d go there again at the drop of a hat if I could. 🙂

  5. that’s heaven comparing to the weather in Holland today…rain en wind… summer is over.

  6. Amazingly beautiful – maybe one day! If you are going to enjoy the white sandy beaches and beautiful blue colours, enjoy! Maybe my dream will come true … one day! Enjoy your week. Carina x

  7. I live there 🙂 most resorts cater for the rich. choose a low end hotel/resort to save $$ . You might not get super rich room service treatment , but the beaches, the snorkeling and the skies are almost the same everywhere.

  8. I went there for my honeymoon, it was fabulous and I have constant dreams of going back. It is one of those rare places that looks better than the holiday brochure photos. It was truly magical and my hubby and I will go back for our 10 year anniversary hopefully it will still be there!


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