Way back in April I began making a few cardigans for KOGO to distribute, though with the best of intentions, sadly, they sat on the UFO pile longer than expected!

Then an email came through the other week saying that more items were needed so I put my skates on and finished sewing them up, attached a button or two and they were ready to go in a flash!

Five little cardigans are now winging their way to KOGO, better late than never I say!


14 Comments on “KOGO

  1. Hi There,
    Your crocheted cardigans look lovely. Are there patterns available for them?I’ve recently started crocheting again after many years of not doing so and really enjoying it.
    Joan Pettett

  2. These are beautiful and may I ask is there a pattern for them Please as I’d love to learn how to make them for my Charity knitting.

  3. absolutely wonderful!! you just keep amazing me!! thank you so much for sharing the pattern! I cannot wait to start crocheting!

  4. Sure! Bettler late than never.They’re so cute…they’ve got your print: beautiful colors!!!! Those cardigans, done with hexagons, are very easy and when you realise, they´re done!

    Soledad from B.A.

  5. You make beautiful stuff. Love these. Thanks for sharing the link.

  6. Aaaaaah. Really really pretty that pile of baby cardigans. Lucky babies to be wearing a SL-cardigan to warm them up. Not only from the cuddly yarn but also from the love involved in the process. It really shows, your passion and love for crochet. That is what makes you so special. I truly admire you.

  7. Oh I am so pleased you crochet for KOGO! I belong to Knit for Charities and I run Knitting for Towoomba’s Needy ( a branch of Knitting for Brisbane’s Needy) and this year I held a challenge on K4C to make 150 donations for KOGO – the ladies rose to the challenge, and sent me over 200 items, from beanies, scarves and blankets to baby clothes! My charity knitting and crochet takes up a lot of my time. By the way – crocheters as well as knitters belong to both groups, LOL!



  8. Oh I love these! Wouldn’t mind one for myself but wouldn’t have the faintest how to size up the pattern. Will have to find an excuse to make some now.

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