A brand new day!

A brand new week!

A brand new camera!


15 Comments on “Yip!

  1. Sarah soy una seguidora de tu blog hace bastante tiempo. Soy de Argentina. Te puse en la lista de los blogs que sigo, espero que no te moleste. Cualquier cosa avisame. No sé inglés espero que me logrés entender con el traductor de google. Te mando un abrazo.

  2. I love all of your pictures. They’re always so pretty & colorful. Thank u for sharing with us.

  3. Very nice pictures – a camera that doesn’t mind taking very close close-up’s. Congratulations!

  4. YES! Enjoy your new camera! For me…Its a new day after babysitting my grandson all weekend. His parents have him back now and I’m using today to rest a bit and catch up as well as some hooky time 🙂

  5. Great photos of your wonderful creations. It’s a joy to come visit your blog.

  6. Sarah, You always brighten my day! Are you going to share those USA yarn comments with us? Just curious.

  7. Why I follow your blog???? Your pictures!!!! They always inspire me! Now a new camera???? It will only get better!!!!!!!

  8. those colors are yummylicious! makes me want to crochet everything!! lol

  9. Mmm….very yummy but what DO we do with all those little colourful cut of bits? …..mmm

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