Whew! school’s back, Uni’s back and my husband is back at work after having a months long service leave. Back to regular posts and routine! Talking of ‘back’ I can’t wait to see the back end of Winter, how about you? I am sooo very over Winter, soon it will be Spring and then Summer and the sun will be shining!

In the meantime, while waiting for Spring I’ve been busy, busy!

Another scrumptious shipment of yarn arrived last week, lots of yummy colours, I’m hoping to have these listed in the shop later this week.

A visit to Ikea results in some diy assembling, in actual fact my 10 yr old did most of the assembling. Bless him!!

Now I have a nice new work area to decorate with plenty of surface space!

In between things I’ve been doing a bit of hooking!

Crocheting while watching Remember Me, have you seen it? It’s good, really good!

A few memorable quotes from the film . . .

I’ve been finishing up commissions too!

Finally, after Emma having 7 weeks off, second semester is back in full swing, along with a lovely long list of requirements!

More in between crochet!

And a contract signed! Exciting, yes, very!!

I’m about to splurge on a ‘grown up’ camera, it’s time! I’ve narrowed down the brand but still deciding on the model. Tossing up between the 50D and the 550D. Any recommendations would be most welcomed!

Life is good, very good! I’m about to embark on a huge exciting project that I’m bursting at the seams to tell you about, I promise to fill you in soon, very soon!

On the flip side . . .

  • I’m wishing my dentist wasn’t holidaying in New York at the moment as I desperately need to make an appointment!
  • One of my washing machines keeps flooding my laundry, and the other washing machine is not spinning the clothes properly . . . frustrating!
  • I really shouldn’t prolong having my blood test any longer!

So how about you?

How’s your life going?

Are you making the most of every single day!!!


30 Comments on “everyday

  1. I am so glad you are back. I have missed receiving your posts this past month. They are always so bright and cheery (colors)!!
    In North Carolina, we are getting a little tired of the heat and ready for fall and some cooler weather.
    Take care,

  2. Funny, here in Denmark we enjoy the summer! And live life to the fullest with sunny days and holiday time.

    I have read in here with you for a while now and enjoy your crochet and many good links.

    Hope spring comes soon for you, and while I hope that summer will not end here in Denmark 🙂


  3. Hi, I already really like your pictures. They are always so colourful and bright. And now you are going to get yourself a brandnew camera! Good luck with choosing from the both of them and I’m looking forward to your new pictures.

  4. Love your creations, so colorful and inspiring. Also in NC, USA and it is HOT HOT HOT!!! But beautifully sunny. I loved Remember Me, but had no idea of the (no spoilers!) conclusion. I was deeply affected, to say the least.

  5. Yes! I agree Jennifer the conclusion took me completely by surprise and deeply moved me too!

    The film was superbly done from start to finish!

  6. Lovely to have you back with lots of colourful crochet too!! 🙂
    Vivienne x

  7. Oh I needed a dose of your pictures – all the bright colors and amazing crochet!
    What brand is the neon orange, pink, and green? I have yet to find yarn like that in the US. Any pointers?

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Hi! I just found your awesome website today. Now I’m itching to do some crochet! It’s finally not horribly hot in Chicago. I might just be ready to play with some yarn!

  9. My husband uses a canon 7D and loves it. His advice is to always purchase the model ‘up’.

  10. I’m getting deliciously plump eating my desserts! XXX

  11. I second Kate’s thought’s on Camera’s, I bought a 450D a few years ago & love it, but given the choice now I would buy the 50D

  12. I love the crocheted squares with the white borders. Do you have a pattern for purchase or know where I can get it? Thank you.

    I love your crochet ideas!

    Thank you


  13. love love love checking your blog. any chance of you posting a pattern of the round-flower-type motive within a square as shown in the 5th picture of today’s post? i would so love to have a go at them!

  14. A real colour fest! Thank you. I’m looking for a new camera too, but don’t know whether to go for a better point and shoot or one you can fiddle with – will watch with interest. Take care.

  15. Have been loving your posts and am so inspired by your color sense! You’re the reason I’ve put down the needles and returned to the hook!!!

  16. Gosh Sarah, what a full-bodied post this was, just chock full of ideas, enthusiasm, and beautiful pictures. Your photographs have always been so good that I can barely imagine what you will soon be showing us.

    Your color sense continues to explore unexpected combinations with beautiful results. I keep reminding myself that our seasons are just opposite, and think about what colors I would be choosing in winter.


  17. Please tell me a pattern is available for the granny square pictured right below the Remember Me snippit. I gasped when I saw it. Been looking for that combination of granny square for a decade(?). It is almost the perfect match to my baby blanket, that I wanted to recreate, since my mom lost/has forgotten the original pattern.

    Lovely post! Colors are amazing!

  18. Funny – I’m Karen from NC, also, and agree with the other NC (and US) posts about the heat. I, too, and looking forward to Fall and cooler weather in a few months. Sarah, I love your colors and have splurged on many colors of my favorite yarn (Caron Simply Soft). I’ve had to sneak bags past my husband and into my attic and pretend they’ve been a part of my stash all along. Oh, the things we do when inspired!

  19. Discovered your blog when you featured my felted rose knitting bag…I have been ‘hooked’ ever since…really no pun intended!

    You asked ‘are you making the most of every day’…I’m trying. As a farmer this time of year is scary busy, harvest, weed, water…get up do it all again.

    But I am gearing up for another homeschool year. My 7 year old daughter wants to learn to knit. She is a lefty and I’m at a loss as how to teach her…any suggestions!

    Thanks for your colorful and inspiring blog! Kim

  20. I love this post all the wonderful colours.
    I also love the round-flower-type motive granny square and would love the pattern.
    I was trying stuff out yesterday evening and I did a square that looks a bit like it but not quite.
    Sarah my dear you truly are an inspiration!!!!!!!
    I’m glad your back I’ll be checking in everyday.

    Best wishes


  21. Fabulous, colourful crochet, as usual. I love those ‘circle in a square’, erm, squares! I too would love a pattern for those.

  22. Loved the granny squares that looked like flowers surrounded by white. Is there a pattern for this? I’d love to try making these. You do beautiful work and lovely patterns.

  23. Go with the 50D, shutter life in xxD models is the double of the xxxD ones.
    I’ve been there!

  24. Love the block by the Remember Me movie post. Loved the movie also. Is there a pattern we can purchase for that block. Just ran across your site. Your work is fabulous. Let me know if we can get pattern for that one would love to do that afagan for the breast cancer patients. They love the colorful ones.

  25. I just love the granny square blanket all the bright colors. What yarn brand did you use and is there a pattern? I would be smitten with the thought of making this over the winter!

  26. I, too, love the “flower” squares surrounded by white. Hope you’ve got a pattern available!

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