So . . . as I was nearing the top of the escalator, there they were, on the 6th floor, just waiting for me!

I first posted about these back in May, concerned perhaps I may blend in a little too much to my surroundings, but hey I do love a bargain!

As I pranced around in them this afternoon, inquisitively my husband asked “did you buy them”  my reply “sure did baby, don’t you just love ’em”!

. . . sweet dreams!


20 Comments on “bargain

  1. Except that granny squares are CROCHETED, *not* knit. Someone should have caught that before printing the tags…

  2. I love them… I want them… but, as you know, they aren’t knit. Someone didn’t do their homework before making up the cute little back story to help sell the product. Wouldn’t have happened f a crocheter was a part of the team. 🙂

  3. I was going to comment about them saying “knit” too! The error makes the tag sound like a lie. They are SO cute though, I would love a pair!

  4. I would love a pair of these also. But what I would really like is the pattern so that I could make myself a pair.

  5. i too, was leaving a comment to complain about them not being knit! crochet snobs, we are!!
    for a minute, i thought they were actually made of real granny squares which would be kind of funny!

  6. Deb, they are not actually crochet pants, they have just printed a granny square pattern on to fabric & made cotton pj bottoms.

    Sarah, do you find them comfortable? I’ve tried a few Peter Alexander pj’s & have regretfully decided that they are not meant for my body shape, they just don’t feel right. Pity because they have such wonderful designs.

  7. Darn. I am also a snob it seems. The reference to them being ‘knit’ sent me right over here to the comment box just to find that all of you had stood up for our craft already.

    Seriously though, no one caught the error? Is it really an homage to his mother if he never bothered to learn the name of her craft?

  8. I was jealous of anyone who owned any of that range when I first looked at the site via the link you posted (they only had the smallest sizes left). Now I’m jealous again!

  9. The fact that there is the error “knit” instead of crochet actually make me doubt the whole “my mum made this” speach.

  10. Great pants…I thought at first you had gone all Cate Blanchett on us and crocheted them 😉

    I must say though, that the little story about his mum ‘knitting’ blankets sounds suss…surely she would have told him it was crochet!?!

  11. Aaaaaah this print is amazing! Although it’s so annoying when you have an idea and then find that someone else has all ready done it! Very cool though x

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