Are you bi-stitchual too?

Are you a Crocheter, a Knitter or perhaps bi-stitchual?


24 Comments on “Are you bi-stitchual too?

  1. LOL. I just laughed the whole way through. That’s brilliant. Seriously!

  2. Totally bi-stitchual. Even tri-stitchual if you count cross stitching.

  3. wow! those knitters are vicious! its funny they can’t seem to realize that crocheting is much more than doilies!!
    i have recently taken up knitting again after i learned continental.. much easier for us crocheters. english style is just silly.

  4. Unfortunately knitting just isn’t for me…I’m a 100% crocheter!

    Funny as this is, there’s an element of truth…it’s kind of disappointing that there are comparatively fewer crocheting resources than knitting resources (like books and groups). Hopefully that changes a little! Vive la revolucion!

  5. So funny!!
    Who would have thought it I’m bi-stitchual!! LOL
    Vivienne x

  6. I guess I’m a closet bi-stitchual. I can do basic knitting but I choose not to. I focus on my hooks.

    Sadly there are too many knitters out there that have the “I’m better than you” attitude about anyone who crochets. Those type of people bug me. Knitting is not better than crochet just as crocheting is not better than knitting. They are different.

  7. I am “multi-stitchual” lol. I do so many different things that require needles and hooks, etc. I find joy in creating in lots of different mediums….dare I mention I enjoy woodworking as well???

  8. definitely just into crocheting :]

  9. I am definitely bi-stitchual but love crochet best. I knit a few scarves occasionally.

  10. OMG, this is hilarious.

    I’m “bi”.

    When I started teaching myself to knit, I was knitting too tightly and couldn’t relax. So I switched to crochet. Once I was comfortable with that, I went back to knitting and was much more successful. I still crochet from time to time.

  11. I’m definitely bi-stitchual! An avid knitter, who always wanted to crochet, but couldn’t quite manage it, I’ve now gone the other way… partly due to the inspiration on this site and others like Lucy at Attic24 and turned into a granny fanatic!

    Am also a lover of cross-stitch and embroidery and hand piecing, applique and quilting… anything involving needle and thread/yarn really.

  12. Actively bi-stitchual. In fact, I have been known to literally switch back and forth mid-project.

  13. I started out crocheting, but at age 15 was ready to try something new. I’ve been “bi-stitchual” for the last 44 years.

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