mystery crochet project part 8

To finish off our glass cozies we’re going to add a simple scalloped edging!

Sl st into next st, ch 3, work 4 tr into same st, * work 1 dc into ch-1 sp, sk a st, work 5 tr into next st, rep from * around ending with 1 dc into ch-1 sp, join with a sl st into top of beg ch-3.

Fasten off.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this project!


14 Comments on “mystery crochet project part 8

  1. Thank You so much for the crochet along…I’ve only done plain Granny Squares so seeing what you do as you go along as made it easy to do but I’m still on the bottom but will get it finished.

  2. I really enjoyed following the instructions and making the project. The final product is very pretty. It was fun to get just few clues at the same time. Everyday I was checking and trying to guess what was it about. Thanks for sharing!
    Gloria xxx

  3. The cozies are terrific. As always you & your work inspire me by your use of colors & the excellent workmanship you do.
    I have only one, a violet one made so far but it is great & I hope to whip out a set of the cozies. Thanks Fran

  4. What a beautiful way to tag the glasses when you have guests so that it’s easy to determine who’s glass is who’s. How nice it is when clever and beautiful come together!

  5. So cute! Thanks for sharing this fun pattern! It will be my first experience with “tiny” crochet…so I’m excited 🙂

  6. Thanks for the mystery crochet project – I enjoyed it.

  7. What did you do to make your cozy stand up so nice & straight? Starch or ?????
    I have one made but is limp as a dish rag.
    Your colors, are as always, super.super!

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