Colour Blast

Bright and bursting with colour, my youngest claimed this blanket.

One square a day, twelve in total, outlined in red and bordered in brown.

A mix of 100% wool and acrylic!

33 Comments on “Colour Blast

  1. You do really beautiful work. I am in the usa.and I can’t find 8 ply yarn. Where do you get yours? Linda

  2. So easy, so simple, so lovely!!! Do you often mix 100% wool with acrylic? I wondered if that would be ok for washing purposes?

  3. Wow, what a bright and summerly message in my mailbox!
    It’s contagious! I’m getting my needle and yarn out immediately!

    Keep up the good work.

    Kind greetings from Holland!

  4. WOW! Love the clean simplicity of this. Looks nice to snuggle under for your upcoming winter. Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  5. I love, love, love all the color!! Beautiful!

  6. Love love love the colours and your work is so neat! Beautiful blanket.
    Thank you for your lovely blog! Cx

  7. That is beautiful! You have such a wonderful sense of color! I love to see your creations!

  8. Beautiful afghan, I just love it! The brilliant colors are so great for spring. I’m also still in love with your blue wall.

  9. Fantastic! Well done to whip up a blanket in no time like that! I am working on a baby cardigan inspired by you. It is pure pleasure to make those big hexagons and mixing the colours. Thanks for all your inspiring work.

  10. So beautiful!
    How do you get your projects to lie so flat and smooth?
    Do you block afghans?
    Thank you!

  11. I love this! Oh if only I could crochet?!? Is next on my “to do” list.
    Thank you also for such a gorgeous blog. Is the first I head to in my reader!


  12. Sarah,

    This looks fabulous! What method of join the squares together did you use? It looks extremely neat! I am nearly ready to put all my 120 grannies together and I would like to use the method you used!

    Happy days everyone!

  13. This is so pretty! I love it! =]

    You should probably give it to me!

    j/k… kind of. =]

  14. It’s just beautiful, Sarah, thank you for sharing the photos with us. I especially like the red border it sets off the other colours so well – and your work is so incredibly neat!

  15. Thanks Sarah. For your comment on Nellys firts granny square (I wish you could have seen her face reading your comment. I bet she felt really important and very successful at that moment). And for inspiring me so much. I have finished my firts hexagon cardigan. And I am starting on a new one. So much fun. So quick and so pretty. Thanks.

  16. I don’t know how you make your colors pop so vividly, but I love the way they come together. As much as I tend to dislike granny square anything, I love all yours!

  17. Love the giant granny squares! I am wanting to make an afghan of them and wondered what size hook you used? Also, what was your joining method?

    I see others have asked that on here but don’t see where you have responded, unless I’m just missing it!

    Thanks for all the inspiration Sarah!!!

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