I’m deliriously happy with today’s delivery!

A mix of pure wool + acrylic yarn in all colours of the rainbow!


35 Comments on “Yarn!

  1. Hello from New York, Sarah.

    All of your recent posts have been fabulous … so much variety!

    This yarn shipment is staggering in its volume … all leading to great creativity. And…will it all fit on your bicycle?


  2. ohhh just lovely!!! can’t wait for mine… will comment on flickr as to which i like…:))

  3. Ohhhh soooo beautiful. I wish I could have such a delivery too :o)))

  4. Wow! I wish I could also own something like that whole bunch and keep snuggling and loving it all the while. 🙂

  5. Isn’t it nice to find such joy and inspiration in such simple, homely things like a ball of colourful wool and its potential? Multiplied by the number of balls . . . .

    That’s happiness for us who are just looking. No wonder you’re deliriously so!


  6. Is this all for you? My life you must crochet loads!!

  7. “There are divine things more beautiful than words can tell.” Whitman

  8. Sonhos tornados realidade!!!! Lindíssimas cores.
    Aguardo para ver os bonitos crochets que irá fazer com estas cores.



  9. Yummy, delicious colors! Makes me wish I could reach out and touch and pet them! Really beautiful eye candy! Thanks for sharing them with us… 🙂


  10. Wow, how wonderful!!! I am drooling. The colors are beautiful. I would love to get a delivery of yarn just like this one!

  11. FELICIDADES¡¡¡¡¡
    Tienes un blog fantastico.

  12. WOW!!! I hope you hugged the delivery man. What great inspiration. Looking forward to the future posts with all that loveliness.

  13. It’s absolutly delicious!!!! it is something to be really happy about, it made me happy just the sight of it!!

  14. OMG !!!! can i come over and visit you ( I really want to visit the yarn LoL)

  15. Oh my palms started sweating just looking at the beautiful stash you’ve got before you….Dreamin of the wonderful projects to be made for our viewing pleasure….

  16. What a beautiful sight! What yarn are you using??

  17. I think if all that yarn arrived at my house I wouldn’t be able to resist from opening it all up and rolling around in it on a big pile in the floor. Happy days indeed. YAY!

  18. wow!!!!!!!!!Ho visto uno dei miei sogni realizzato in questa scatola!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mamma mia quanta lana, avrai speso un patrimonio?!?!?!!?
    Dove compri questa lana con questi splendidi colori?
    il tuo blog è in assoluto sul web il più bello che ho mai visto!!!

  19. Aaaaaaaaah, how do you call him in Englisch, the uncle of Donald Duck, Dagobert Duck?
    One day I will do like him, but not with the money, but with yarn or other craftstuff ;).
    Enjoy being surrounded by this kind of ‘gold’.

  20. Oh my gravy! Is that all for one project? I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with it!!

  21. Eeeeeeee! And I thought getting 20 balls of wool delivered was a huge deal!!

  22. Dear Sarah,

    Are you all right??? I really hope so! We miss you a lot…
    Comeback soon.

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