It’s starting to get a little chilly in the evenings, so I’ve started making a few giant granny squares. An extra blanket, no doubt destined for the lounge. Just one square a day. Ten rounds of one colour followed by five rounds of another, easy peasy!


10 Comments on “Chilly

  1. Brilliant colours!!! 🙂
    Vivienne x

  2. Sarah,

    Is this the same granny square pattern that you sell in PDF just done in 2 colors and bigger?? It is gorgeous! I so want to learn how to do it. Anytime I have tried a granny pattern I get lost in the joins. If you could let me know if it is the right one I would love to purchase the pattern.
    Thanks, Jan

  3. Hi Sarah
    Is there going to be a Hip to Hook for April.?


  4. your comment about the evenings getting chilly confused me for a second till i realised youre on the other side of the world, and we of course are just enjoying a taste of summer….thats whats great about blogging, we all feel so near and yet are so far……lovely work as always

  5. Nice. Simple is best (at times). Working on something similar but for a pillow case. Like always I am inspired by your bold choice of colours.

  6. dear sarah,
    as always your coulors are inspiring and brings great positive energy…i write from brazil, a country where you have lots of fan….my works of crochet have taken brighter colours since i discovored you work…. pitty, in brazil we do not have all this colourfull wool you have there… we have cotton, but very little of wool… well, we have to do with it….
    continue energising us.

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