Learn to Crochet

OK I can now spill the beans!!!!

Learn and Create with Notebook magazine!

The Craft Room’s May Timetable is now live!

I’ll be teaching crochet classes this May in Sydney!

We are going to have an absolute blast, hooking granny squares, learning the basics and we will even be hooking a flower or two!

If you’d like to secure a spot then please run, don’t skip and book online here!


14 Comments on “Learn to Crochet

  1. I have never wished I lived in Australia more than I do now. Maybe you could come to Canada? 😉

  2. Wow that’s fantastic!!! Congratulations Sarah, I do hope you enjoy your new job. Sort of knew the interview would go well. You must be so excited and thrilled, I bet you can’t wait to get it all happening.

    By the way I was a ‘ham in the sandwich’ also

  3. I liked your crochet style.Very beautiful all of them and colorful..I learn at your blog.
    a nice day..

  4. yay can’t wait to meet you and sit in on the class the first saturday!!!!!!!!! lots of people are so excited to have you coming to sydney


  5. geez I wish I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere, can you do a quick class in Grafton? I’ll bake cupcakes…

  6. Best wishes to you, Sarah, on this newest venture. Your lucky students will emerge so enriched.

    I have to keep reminding myself that you are in autumn with its wonderful colorways, while over here in New York we are welcoming all those vibrant spring pastels.

    All nature provides us with such inspiration! Cheers!

  7. Would that Denmark was much closer, would love to come to your course. Love your colors!

    Spring greetings Karen Marie, Denmark

  8. Hello
    I am interested in taking a crochet class and whilst googling your site came up.
    Whereabouts are you doing this? and how much is the cost?
    I am very interested!

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