My Mum just sent through a few snaps from a lifetime ago, me as a child…

Being industrious in the kitchen…

My Mum, brother and I…

Knitting, I’m not sure how old I was but I’m obviously concentrating hard so as to not let those stitches fall off the needles…

My Mum, Dad and I.

The love didn’t last long, they divorced when I was four!

3 Comments on “Snaps

  1. Those are really beautiful pictures and wonderful memories of then
    with your family. It is wonderful that she taught you knitting so early on
    in your life.

    It is so sad that some divorces have to be so hostile that it puts the children in the middle. I’m sorry to hear that was how it was for you and
    your family.

    You do such wonderful work and I really love the hexagon sqare sweater
    that you posted before this post of your pictures.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. We sponsored a little girl from South Korea for many years. She, her mother and sister lived on one room with a toilet in the corner. Her sister was also sponsored through Save the Children and their lives were transformed. Mum was a cleaner, but was able to get a job in a shop. The sponsorship money enabled them to move to a two roomed flat.

    Our little girl was not academic, but finished high school and trained as a beautician.

    It is staggering what such a small amount of money can do.

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