more organisation

More on organistaion today! How do you store all the essentials?

At the moment I’m using a Nutrimetics beauty case.

In it you’ll find a multitude of varying sized crochet hooks in many colours.

Also scissors + needles. I have the tortoise shell scissors in it at the moment, plus two large eyed wool needles for weaving in the ends. Yes, two, just in case one goes missing!

Then there’s a tape measure and pens. Two pens ’cause what’s the bet if I only kept one pen in there, it would run out of ink,

and also a hair clip and bobby pins, which I use for stitch markers.

Then in the other compartment I store colour charts, patterns, paper etc.

All essentials in one place, portable and accessible too! bonus!

Oh, and there’s also a tube of hand cream in there too, must keep hands moisturised whilst working with fibers!


12 Comments on “more organisation

  1. That’s really cool that you have everything organized like that. :] I just have a crocheted crochet hook holder (is that irony?), a huge 3 ring binder for patterns, and a big beach bag for my favorite yarn colors

    Might I ask where you got the color charts or did you make them?

  2. I dont have as much as you do but i do have a bunch of crochet hooks, a tape measure, scissors, ect in a box, not a shoe box but i received a decorated box for my birthday that i keep next to my chair that i trow everything in. My color chart isnt as nice as yours mine are on indix cards i made of the colors i have but not all the colors but wish to have one like yours. Maybe on day. I wish I had some of the color you have they are so bright and lovely. great job ! ! !

  3. Hmm, I have a few Nutrimetics cases around and have often thought of using them this way. I really should pull them out. What a great idea!

  4. I read online somewhere about somebody organizing their knitting equipment in a Bass Pro Shops® Worm Binder Bag. When I went to a Bass Pro shop, I decided on the Bass Pro Shops®Extreme® Jumbo Double Worm Binder Bag because I could put my knitting stuff on one side and crocheting on the other. I can’t believe how well organized my needles and hooks are. All the notions that go along with both are well organized in little zippered pouches. The only thing I don’t like is it isn’t big enough for the straight knitting needles. I have decided to get a fabic pouch for them and leave them rolled and perhaps tucked under the carrying handle.

  5. You’re so right about needing more than one wool needle!
    Where do all the missing needles go ???? 🙂

  6. Organized indeed!

    My craft things are always scattered on the bed and coffee table. High time I also get organized. Well, your post is an inspiring one for me 😉

  7. What a lovely lovely blog you have! I’m new to crochet, currently teaching myself and was pointed in your direction by another fellow crocheter. I will def. be back for some pdf patterns when my skill level has increased! Justine xx

  8. Hi Sarah,

    what kind of camera do you use?


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