in progress

On the hook, grannies galore!

I’m liking this mix of colours at the moment!

I’m using a mix of acrylic + 100% wool for these grannies, it’s all about the colour.

Can you guess which colours are the acrylic and which are wool?

And you guessed it! Plop into a tub they go when I move on to the next project in line.


18 Comments on “in progress

  1. Sarah, I love the color combo….especially the charcoal grey. I am so into all shades of grey right now. But, please, which is the wool???

  2. Sarah,

    I love this work! I love too the first picture it is very pretty!


  3. Hey! What a coinkidink! I’m making giant granny squares too. Photo is on m flickr. Down to 15, 10 more to go till it grows into a throw! Waaahhh it rhymed LOL

    Lovely colors…

  4. Those are so cool! I love the color combo’s.

  5. Fab as always. Looks like you’re getting into more wintery colors. You inspire me!

  6. Lovely photos, great colours !!!
    Vivienne 🙂

  7. Very nice Sarah. I think the acrylic is the turquoise, pink, apricot and aqua. The grey is wool as is the all the greens(moda dea from spotlight if I’m not mistaken) and the yellow not sure. Possibly acrylic. ( if so it looks like carnival or home maker from Kmart) How did I do? lol

  8. I love how your colors are so amazing. I have a hard time with colors, any pointers would be great!! thank you

  9. Sarah–
    As usual you colors & photography are beautiful! I look forward to your new posts in my email, they always make me smile!
    Thank you!!

  10. Sarah, I just love these color combos – they are slightly unexpected! Hope your weekend has been nice, Barbara (Pale Blue World)

  11. Can you do that?? Mix wool and acrylic yarns?? Really??

  12. Not to be entirely off of the subject…but do you happen to have a pattern for the Hawaiian flowers that I saw on here? I LOVE them! (and all of your other goodies!)


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