tubs of colour

Like most people I usually have a few projects on the hook, and with my never ending endeavors of organisation I came across these little opaque tubs and I thought they would be perfect for storing individual projects whilst in the making. I had only seen this style of tub in larger sizes and in all colours of the rainbow. I’m liking the smaller size, suitable for storing supplies for each project and portable too!

And it’s much more time effective to have all supplies needed in one location, easy and accessible.

I also staple together the bands of each ball of yarn I’m using for later reference to the colour code, I don’t factor in the dye lot too heavily with my crochet. Of course if I was knitting a jumper then perhaps I would ensure to use the same dye lot through out, but not with crochet.

So now I have quite a few little tubs dotted around the place full of colour!

The tubs can be found at Big W stores around Australia for approx. $3-4 each.


6 Comments on “tubs of colour

  1. love the tubs, especially since the colors show through. i love that stitch in the project. can you describe??

  2. I have so many little piles of ‘on the go projects’ that those tubs would be a great idea. I usually use some sort of eco friendly bag but they are not see-thru and thats handy when trying to find a certain item. I will check out Big W tomorrow 🙂

  3. SUCH a breath of fresh air over here…I love the colours…gorgeous.

  4. Sarah, all your recently posted designs are lovely!

    But…I write in praise of your organizational tub method. Very good. And, as for saving the paper bands describing yarns, I also save mine with a bit of that yarn attached. It is so funny to come upon some of these archives now, years after the particularly special yarn has long been discontinued. At least I can have a moment to remember the pleasure of using it, and lament its being removed from the market.

    Lots of my old favorite yarns do seem to have vanished. Well, lots of new yarns arrive every month, so we can find some new favorites, can’t we. Best wishes!

  5. Wow Sarah,
    Where can I get some color yarn swatches to assist me with blending colors?

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