mabel kits

Remember Mabel?

The first lot of kits have shipped and this morning I’ve made a few more Mabel kits for those who missed out on the first lot.

Each kit contains everything you need!

* Full colour instruction leaflet

* Round cushion insert

* Wool needle

* Purple crochet hook

* Yarn

Cost: $59 AUD + postage

Postage within Australia is $10

Postage to the UK is $34.10 via airmail

Shipping to the USA is $27.30 via airmail

The cushion inserts arrive vacuumed packed and when opened expand to give perfect form!

These round inserts are perfect for Mabel and also the Radiant Sunbeams cushion featured in February’s Hip to hook.

Round inserts are available separately for $18 AUD each.

To purchase please email


9 Comments on “mabel kits

  1. Is it possible to just purchase the pattern and not the whole kit?

  2. Do you have any idea of shippincost for the hole kit including insurts to Norway?

    Best regards

  3. Stunning colors and so glad to find a source of round cushion inserts, they are rare!

  4. Hello! I added your blog to my blogroll. I hope you don’t mind! I’m new to blogging and I’m not sure about the etiquette of these things.

    Have a great day!


  5. Hi Sarah, just wondering what brand of yarn you use for your crochet? So many bright and wonderful colours!

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