candles + cake + cards

Today is day #14,247

Each day is so important… Make the most of it!

Last Wednesday I celebrated my 39th birthday! It wasn’t until my husband texted and said ‘Hey, 14,244 day old girl!… that I realized over 14,000 days had past, swoosh! I’m hoping I have another 14,000 days ahead, if anything, it sure brings time into perspective when you look at how many days you’ve been alive instead of years!

Also last week I picked up my sewing machine I had put in for a service. I nearly fell over when scanning the note attached, after noting the words ‘… machine has had a lot of use, ‘motor’ will probably need replacing ‘soon’…. I’m like WHAT! are you joking!

My husband bought my sewing machine for me 5 years ago for Christmas, up until then I had been sewing on my Mum’s old Elna sewing machine that she had had and sewn with since she was 21. Also attached to my machine when I picked it up was a little bag of ‘evidence’ perhaps, a plastic bag full of lint, broken needles and pins that had been trapped below in the inside’s of my machine. I don’t sew every single day though I’ve sewn a few raggy flannel quilts on this machine, I’m pondering now, is the life of our sewing machines determined by the fabrics we sew with them??? What do you think? Do you think sewing with flannels or quilting our quilts give our sewing machines more of a work out, hence shortening their lives. I really thought I would get more than 5 years out of mine!

And then when glancing at my old 24 inch ruler… lines barely visible in sections, yes I’ve been winging measurements for a while, luckily I got a new ruler for my birthday, it will make life much more easier… I’m considering that perhaps I do sew more than I think, but not enough that requires a new motor for my sewing machine surely!


20 Comments on “candles + cake + cards

  1. A very Happy Birthday to you!!
    I don’t think they make sewing machines like they used to!!

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah,
    I agree with Jeanne, they don’t make them the way they used too, however you definitely should get many more years out of your machine. I truly wouldn’t get too stressed over the repairman’s “thoughts” just keep on sewing. I have over 40 machines (but not 50) yet, and my best-est one is a Janome made Kenmore which I have sewn on since 1995. I DO keep it clean and unplug the electric cord (it’s computerized) whenever I leave it, just in case. Routine cleaning is easy, find someone to show you, that WOULD help. I have taken enough fluff out of my sergers to MAKE a sock-in one cleaning. I think the 70’s polyester or heavy canvas/denim sewing would taken more out of the machine than materials of natural fibers whose biggest vice is being fuzzy. Brenda

  3. With a regular clean up and service sewing machines last longer than 5 years.
    Happy Birthday,

    Love Sandra

  4. Happy birthday. I agree, they definitely do not make sewing machines to last these days. My old machine was 25 yrs old, and I just bought a new one. I am crossing my fingers that it will last way more than 5 yrs.

  5. Happy Birthday Sarah! I wouldn’t be happy if my machine only lasted 5 years. I really can’t see what difference what you sew makes as long as the machine is regularly cleaned. My mum still sews on her Singer that dad bought her 59 years ago!

  6. Happy Birthday Sarah! Here’s to many more days and years of colour and creativity!

  7. Happy Birthday Sarah! Can’t tell you how much I enjoy your creativity. Does your sewing machine repairman sell new machines, by chance? I agree – even with heavy wear it should last way more than five years.

  8. Happy Birthday! How cool to count days. We count the number of days we’ve been married and celebrate every 100 days. I agree on the newer sewing machines. I would give anything to have my grandmother’s Singer machine I learned to sew on when I was child.

  9. I really want to learn to quilt. Right now I don’t have enough room in my house for a sewing area. I am currently being overrun by yarn (knitting). I don’t know anything about sewing machines either.

  10. Happy Birthday Sarah !!
    Wishing you very colorful, fill with beautiful crochet and creative years ahead šŸ™‚


  11. Habby Birthday! I would be really annoyed if I saw that note on my sewig machine. What happened to building quality lasting products? There would be less landfill then. Surely that is something a company would be proud to promote in this day and age. Makes me worried as I probably need to get mine serviced real soon and I am on the hunt for a good service centre.

  12. Sarah…I am always shocked when I open my throat guard on the machine and see all the lint!!! I have to hand carry my Bernina back to the US for servicing every summer!!! It is a drag…but saves me a lot of money in the long run! Love your blog!!! Karen G.

  13. Where are my manners???????? Happy Birthday, Sarah! Hope you have thousands and thousands of more days!!!!! Karen

  14. Happy birthday to you, you talented young lady!

    Great to see a bit of the celebrations that circled round you.

    As for that sewing machine. I just think that our current age of machinery produces models that are not quite a sturdy as those of prior decades.

    Best wishes.

  15. Happy Birthday … 39, such a wonderful time of life, actually every day is. God bless.

  16. I’m sorry I’m late, but Happy Birthday!! I hope you get more than 5 years out of your sewing machine. When did appliances start living dog years? šŸ˜›

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