autumn tomorrow

Making the most of the last days of Summer this weekend, with delish desserts . . .

and a lazy stroll in the park.

Thinking ahead, snazzy tartan tights for the coming months.

And on the hook this weekend, Queen Anne’s Lace scarf in ivory, you’ll find the pattern here.

And a glitzy number, I couldn’t walk past this sparkling yarn spotted at Spotlight. For this scarf I’m working a simple mesh.

And always one to have a few projects on the go, I started another Larksfoot. This one I’m working in greens, and it will keep my youngest son cozy this winter!


15 Comments on “autumn tomorrow

  1. Oh I have the Queen Anne’s Lace scarf pattern and must start on it soon! Isn’t it pretty?

    Must ask what is a lark foot???

  2. I love the colors you’re using for the Larksfoot! Nice combination.

  3. Love the projects that you have started! Here you’re about to start Fall and I’m about to start Spring! As usual beautiful colors also.

  4. Looooove the green colours!!! Gorgeous! When I get some mileage as a crocheter I will try out this thing about crocheting with beads and sparkles. But right now I am still at the basic level… But for sure I’ll give it a go one day. If nothing else maybe just to make a small dress up sparly scarf for my little ones. As practise I mean. Ciao!

  5. Lovely colours used in your larksfoot – what is it please??? Would love to give this a go – it looks so pretty.

  6. Thank you so much for letting me explore your beautiful blog. I am a crocheter too, well mostly addicted to it. I am just so happy to see that i am not the only one out there trying to give crochet a fresh new look.

  7. Hallelujah for some cooler weather, 25degC today. First day of Autumn, though I expect we’ll still have some warmer days. Good crocheting weather. The Larksfoot stitch looks so effective. Love the sequined yarn and the Queen Ann Lace scarf.

  8. Okay, where to start…that’s right, your seasons are reversed from us in the USA. Still winter here, with spring only 3 weeks away. Your desert looks delicious…love ice cream! That sequin yarn is beautiful..can’t wait to see what you’ve created with it. The Queen Anne lace scarf is pretty…those are so fun to make. Lastly, your son’s afghan is beautiful! I love that stitch patten and the colors are perfect for the coming winter days…makes one think of spring and summer while keeping warm!

  9. Always looking for interesting tights, these are gorgeous, and thank you Sarah for linking to the Queen Anne’s Lace pattern, I’ve been looking everywhere for it. Your son is so lucky to be getting that wonderful green scarf …

  10. I like your green one, do you have pattern?

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