mystery giveaway


Here’s what I wanted to show you yesterday! My totes that I had printed arrived late yesterday. I had planned for them to be delivered in time for the Show, but alas they arrived a day after, not to worry! So far in production we have the YARN tote and the GRANNY SQUARES tote. One to hold all your yarn and one to hold granny squares on the go. They’re nice and sturdy, definitely not made from flimsy thin fabric like some I’ve seen, I’m really happy with the way they turned out.

Now time for the giveaway as promised! If you’d like to receive a new, fresh off the press YARN tote filled with an assortment of colourful yarn, both 100% wool and 100% acrylic then all you have to do to enter is leave a comment, it’s as simple as that!

And yes! this giveaway is open to everyone, whether you’re living in Australia, America, Canada or the UK, where ever you are if you’re name gets pulled from the hat then I will have that tote filled with yarn shipped directly to you! A name will be randomly selected on Friday night, the 26th of February!


505 Comments on “mystery giveaway

  1. Sarah,

    I’m so inspired by your use of color! Your stall looked amazing. Wish I could have come by to visit.

    ex-pat Aussie

  2. Ooh pick me pick me! I’m crazy for granny squares πŸ™‚ x

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I found your homepage a few weeks ago and I can not stop crocheting since that day. You gave me so many ideas what to crochet – wonderful! You are such an inspiring person and so full of energy.

    It is nice to hear that the show was successful for you. As I could see on your pics yesterday it was also a very inspiring atmosphere. I love this coloreful quilts and tried to stitch one by myself in the past – but it doesn’t worked out like it should. Maybe I need to give it a second change some day.

    I whish you some quiet days now to catch for new energy.

  4. WooHoo – I love your blog. Filled with inspiration, tutorials and lots of nice colours. I just love colours.
    Have just started a blanket and used your advice for a nice granny square. Thank you so much for this nice inspiration.

  5. I discovered your site a few weeks ago – have already started one of your “square in a square” blanket – lots of great ideas.

  6. Oh my! What a give away! All that fab yarny goodness in one lovely bag… :o)

    Glad the show went well for you
    Sam x

  7. I’m a crochet newbie (couple of months and counting) and am LOVING it! I can’t believe what you can crochet with inspiration, colour and the itch to create, create and create. I have found myself starting my first big project and having the other one lined up in my head already. Just need the wool and more time and hands than I have already! I have already stopped reading on public transport and spend every spare moment pulling out my hook and wool πŸ™‚ I love your site, and want to say thank you for giving us novices inspiration to continue developing our passions. Thanks for sharing, and definately include me in your name draw.

  8. I would adore winning one of your giveaways! I love your site and think that your crochet is fabulous!

  9. First of all: I really love your colors!

    Second of all: You have your giveaway open to everybody which is good for me!!!

    Thanks! And count me in!

  10. Enjoying your blog and the way you use colours. Thanks for the inspiration.


  11. i’ve been a lurker on you blog for a while and always find it so inspiring! Those totes are so cute, i’d love to win one!!!

  12. Eventhough living in Holland, I would love to plunge into your give away! Love the totes and the fact that it’s filled with wooly goodnes!

    Thanks for the inspiration and I’ll be anxiously waiting ’till friday!

    greets from way over here!

    evelyn( Ebi)

  13. Oh my…….I would be so happy to win this. I have started crocheting not too long ago and am so inspired by your site. I purchased you Hip to Hook January edition and have been squiggling ever since! Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. I really like the colours and the types of the fonts. Good design.
    I should be the winner πŸ™‚
    I must make 2 blankets for my 2 under 2.

    (You can send me together with the pattern of that grannysquare-dress ;))

  15. Oh wow! My knitting fingers are itching to get at these wonderful yarns. What a stylish way to transport my projects. Please enter me in the draw!

  16. What a great giveaway, count me in! Would have loved to try your yarn up here in cold northern Norway.

  17. Great tote bag Sarah. I just love everything crochet !

  18. Great Totes! Keep up the good work!

    Do you post to Spain too?
    Count me in, please!

  19. Hi Sarah,
    I’d love to win as I am a big fan of the beautiful colours you use. However, I think maybe my husband will have a different take on it as he says I’m already addicted to yarn!
    Thanks for giving everyone the chance to at least dream of a win.
    Hugs and kisses, Lita xx

  20. This is wonderful. A bag plenty of yarn, wohooo! Count me in please.
    I’m a newbie I’ve one of your pdf patterns and only two spools of yarn, so it could be great to win!!
    Thanks for introduced me to crochet world.

  21. What a great idea!
    And I love the colours and the font that you’ve used, particularly on the ‘Yarn’ version.

    Love your blog too, keep up the good work!

  22. Oh.. I live in Europe (Denmark) but I would centainly be very very happy to receive such a nice bag – with og without yarn.

    πŸ™‚ big fan of crocheting granny squares, I am.

  23. Love your blog, it’s ridiculous inspiring! Please enter me in the draw!

    Have a nice day!
    Greetings from Sweden!

  24. Hi Sarah, Love your blogg and so admire the way you put fun into the craft.
    The bags are great and I would feel fantasticly creative with one in my hot crochet hands.

    Thanks for being out there for us.


  25. Me, me, me!!! I just finished a mini wool(yarn)eater and I love your blog just for the colours. I’m trying to break out of my safe and tepid choices and any grab bag of yarn chosen by you should definitely break that prison with a bang.

  26. Hi Sarah…i always look forward to getting the rss updates to your blog in my email…you have rekindled my passion for crocheting…although with a 3 month old, its a bit harder to find time to start, let alone finish, a project…I was inspired by your hawaiian flowers motif sometime back and created a lovely blanket for my bub…which always attracts attention when we use it to take bubs out for walks in his push chair.

  27. Hello Sarah

    Love your blog and your work with all the lovely colours.
    Would love to win a tote filled with yarn πŸ™‚

    Regards Lone

  28. Sarah, I came across your blog recently and have really enjoyed following. My daughter got a pair of crochet wrist warmers for Christmas from me so I could easily be persuaded to take up crochet with a bag of goodies like that. Ros

  29. What amazing looking totes – can fit a lot in one of them πŸ˜‰

  30. Pick me! Pick me! I love your blog and your work. Your a great inspiration and I quite often find myself gazing at your flickriver and patterns.. normally when I should be doing other things! Would be great to use for the two patterns I have recently got from you… I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed!! πŸ™‚

    Best wishes

    Claire x

  31. I love your blog, Sarah. I’m so inspired by your color and work. Those tote bags are great and I’d love to by surprised by what you’ll put in it! Thanks for counting me in.

  32. love the way you combine colour πŸ˜€

    count me in on the givaway (can never get enough yarn!!)

    Hav e nice day

  33. Wow! You sure know how to get us inspired, great bags, just what i need to stay organised, i’m always misplacing my granny squares,crochet hooks,yarn etc.. a very smart and colourful way to keep projects in check.

  34. sarah, i just learned how to crochet this weekend; your designs completely charmed and inspired me. even if i don’t get a bag, i wanted to say thank you!

  35. What wonderful totes and a great giveaway. Please, count me in.


  36. I love your designs and also these great totes! πŸ™‚ I would be glad to recieve one of them!

  37. Loved your booth at the craft expo am just about to start playing with the goodies I bought.

  38. Sarah: I love reading your blog. Your an inspiration. I was always afraid of color. A lot of my crochet is very dull, not exciting like your work. I am planning to change all that. Your color combinations make people happy! Thanks for all you do and share with others.

    Denise from Florida!

  39. Great totes, Sarah. Glad you had a great time at the show. Thanks for the fab give away, count me in!!! I hope you are listing them in your shop, as I could well do with a granny square tote.

  40. What a great give away.
    Count me in.
    The colors on your blog makes me happy.

    greeting Marja

  41. WOW! What a fantastic giveaway! Congrats on your success with your stall at the Show! It all looked so great.

    P.S. I start a new job tomorrow and plan on taking along a bag of scrap wool and making some squares using your Wool Eater Instructions! Cant wait to start!

  42. I love all the beautiful things that you made to sell and am
    grateful to see them in pictures. I would love to have one of
    the totes you are giving away!! Have a great day.


  43. I just found your blog and love it! I’m starting to learn to crochet, so it would be really great to win your filled totes!

  44. Oh Sarah I just love the bags. Please add me in the draw. I love following your blog. You are a wonderful source of inspiration for me. Best wishes.

  45. Hello Sarah,
    I try to read you every day. Yours ideas are so great !
    Please, count me in.

  46. Awesome giveaway! I love yarn and all the wonderful things we can make out of it. You have been a great source of inspiration with colors and designs!

  47. (apparently i left my comment on the wrong post! sorry! here it is again!) πŸ˜€

    oh my! i wish i was the lucky winner! you are so nice and generous for making this giveaway filled with amazing gifts!

    well, fingers crossed till friday!



  48. Oh would I love to win one of these totes – then I would have a constant reminder of you and all your great crochet!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  49. Wonderful bag!!! Wonderful work! You’re so generous!! Thank you to share all of this with your fans.

  50. Please count me in! What a wonderful giveaway! I recently found your site (through Attic 24) and am inspired. Fingers crossed!

  51. Love those totes! Glad the show was such a success for you.

  52. Ooh what lovely bags, they look great empty, but even better when full.
    What a fantastic giveaway!

    I’ve crocheted for years, but never actually made anything with granny squares. Seeing the lovely things you’ve made has inspired me though and I’ve decided to make a couple of granny square cushions for my settee.

  53. Oh what a lovely give away! OH please lady luck pick me!
    Also best of luck to all comentors!

    Sarah those are gorgeous totes and thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. (Just so you know I shall be moving it soon to another blogs sphere. But I’ll leave a note when it happens.)

  54. Oh my gosh, those totes are just perfect! And the chance to win one filled with such yummy yarn is fantastic! I’d cross all my fingers but it’s a little difficult to crochet that way πŸ™‚

  55. A lot has been going on since I last popped in. Gosh I am way down the list in the comments and it has only been 24 hrs since I was last here.

    I would certainly love to put my name down for this beautiful Give Away. Here’s wishing me, myself, moi, lots and lots of luck.

  56. Oh, the things I could do with all of this yarn.

    I am an American living in Belgium with my family. We are here with my husbands job and I hardly have any of my supplies with me.

    Let the daydreams begin…

  57. Sarah,

    I found your website at Christmas and just loved your garland. It inspired me to make my own!

    Thanks for such a wonderful, colorful place to come visit.


  58. I’m new to reading your blog and really love what I’ve seen so far. I’m currently learning to crochet and this would help me on my way!

  59. Cool totes!
    I think your site is very inspiring! I love the way you use colors.

  60. Oh.. what a wonderfull give away – count me in. Great that us Northerners up here above the arctic sircle can join as well πŸ˜€

  61. I haven’t been crocheting very long, and I’m still getting the hang of it really, but it’s blogs like yours that keep me inspired to continue. The bags look awesome – such wonderful colours!

    I’d keep my fingers crossed, but that might make crocheting trickier πŸ˜‰

  62. Love your site and sense of colour. A tote bag would be great.


  63. Hello there! I have been reading for a while, wishing that I was in Australia so that I could come to your shows! Thanks so much for sharing photos & experiences with us online so we can at least pretend we are there. Your items are all so beautiful and colorful!

    have a great day! xoxo

  64. That is just so cool! Your totes look fun and I love that they will be filled with such awesome yarn!

  65. Have just DISCOVERED you and must say you are my IDOL. thanks julie

  66. I love your blog and your whimsical way with color! You (and Joelle Halverson’s/The Purl Bee’s giant granny square afghan photos) inspired me to start my own mammoth mod granny square. You even make sewing look fun! The totes are great–thanks for the opportunity to win one! Keep up the inspired work!

  67. HI Sarah,

    i absolutely love the work you are doing , its my dream job really πŸ™‚

    anyway i live in london and if you plan to start something here and need a friend iam here:)

    best wishes


  68. I love your color choices and pattern style. I would love to have a tote. Thanks for the giveaway.


  69. I’m so glad I found you!! I’m new to crochet and already I’ve learned so much from checking out your site. I love all the colors and designs…you are very inspiring! Wish I lived in Australia πŸ™‚

  70. Discovered your website almost by accident and wanted to say thank you for providing such inspiration. I love the idea of the giveaway and would be pleased to be included in the draw.

    Keep up the fantastic work, its such a pleasure to read you πŸ™‚

  71. The totes are amazing!! Fantastic giveaway!! Please, please count me in!!! πŸ™‚

  72. Sarah,

    These totes are awesome. I’d love to win one, but if not–will you be selling kits in the totes?

  73. Who needs coffee when I’ve got your giveaway to get my heart rate going this morning!!! I have been having sooo much fun with my patterns from you and to think I could possibly win your tote bag filled with luscious yarn…too much!!!

  74. What a lovely totebag, and how nice it would be to carry a little bit of your colorsense around with me all day πŸ™‚ I’m in!

  75. A perfect opportunity for me to start commenting on your beautiful work that so far I’ve been admiring in secret πŸ™‚

  76. Your choices of color always make me smile and inspire me to pick up my hook and create

    Oh, if I could win a Tote with yarn.

  77. Count me in on this giveaway! Amazing. My already large and majority un-used stash could use a few extra balls of wool! Hehe.

  78. I love your blog and your fantastic way with color! They make me happy! My plan is to start makeing more granny square, I have already started my first project. The totes are great–thanks for the opportunity to win one! Regards from Norway

  79. Oooo what a lovely tote. I love all types of bags and wouldn’t mind one of yours to add to my collection.
    Thanks for the giveaway. I hope I am picked!

  80. Please add my name to your giveaway – I love the colours that you use they are so fresh and vibrant and the designs are great – if I was in Australia I would have come to your stand. **Kim**

  81. I too would love to win your giveaway. I am a passionate knitter/crocheter. You make some of the most beautiful creations I have seen.


  82. Filled with yarn or not, I absolutely must have one of those! I think I will crochet a whole lot better if I can keep my stuff in these totes. If I don’t win, can I purchase one?

  83. Oh, I cannot begin to say how much I would enjoy winning this! I love your blog– thank you for all of the creativity and inspiration that you share here!

  84. I love reading your blog – it’s very inspiring. Thank you very much for offering this generous giveaway.

    Debi Y. πŸ™‚

  85. I’m a bag hound to be sure. Thanks for the opportunity! I especially like the font you chose.

  86. OMG, it’s too cute. I hope I win. *fingers crossed* Thanks for the opportunity. Keep up the good work!

  87. I love to read your blog and to see your creations – they are always so colorful and pretty!!
    The totes look great! Good luck in the show!!

  88. I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and am so inspired to learn new stitches and try different colors. I love your work!

  89. Sarah,
    Looking at your blog is so inspiring. I love when I get the notices in my email that you have a fresh blog up! I have been crocheting for oh, geesh, probably over 20 years now (my grandmother showed me) and I LOVE granny squares.
    Thank you for sharing all your awesome ideas with us.

  90. Me me me!!!
    I love the colors, I love the style…
    I love your work!

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway πŸ˜‰

  91. I love how your use of color takes an oldie-but-a-goodie like granny squares and makes them look fresh and new.

  92. Oh lovely! I could always use more yarn – I’m planning on teaching myself how to crochet hexagons to make another afghan and I could use some yarn for that!

  93. Wow! What a generous giveaway. I really love your blog. I don’t know how I didn’t find it sooner since I’ve been a crocheter for about ten years! Your patterns are so fresh and fun. Thanks.

  94. I love the bags and would be a proud owner. Just found your blog and love all the bright colors you have. Not my grandmothers granny squares from years gone by.

  95. Oh my. i would definitely want to win. I love your stuff. Gorgeous work and gorgeous pictures. The show looked amazing.

  96. me me me me me me ….
    I like what you do, your colors, your styles, …
    This giveaway is a very good idea. Thanks

  97. What a fun idea! Your totes are great and I hope to see one in my mailbox soon πŸ™‚

    Maine, USA

  98. Oh how lovely! I love following your blog and would have given anything to be at your show and purchase all your lovely yarn and patterns. What you do with color is just amazing!

  99. I’ve been lurking for so long on your blog. You make crochet relevant.

  100. What a wonderful idea!!!!!!!!!!
    Count me in please.
    I love your site, which I discovered a few weeks ago.
    Love from Greece

  101. so glad your show went so well. loved the picture and story about your nan. little did she know what she started!! love your totes !! they are beautiful!!! maybe one will make it to the coast of massachusetts!!!!!!! yeah!

  102. I found your site a few weeks ago and I love all of the color! I wish I could have gone to see your booth πŸ™‚

  103. Thank you for sharing your lovely ideas and work so we can be inspired. I would love to win this giveaway. (Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA)

  104. What lovely totes and lovely yarn! It looks like the show went wonderfully. Well done! I am just getting back into crochet- I love how you have really modernized it all.


  105. Love your site and your patterns – wish I could have attended the Expo – the pictures are beautiful!

  106. Oh my Sarah! What a wonderful giveaway! I would LOVE to win that wonderful tote filled with yarns! I have visions of crocheting with those yarns all kinds of wonderful colorful things like your wool eater blankets! I just love those as well as all the other things you have made.

  107. What a very nice giveaway and super fun totes! I made some lacey hearts at Valentine’s Day, thank you for the pattern! Squiggles are in my spring plans…

  108. Wow! Just the bag would have been really great, but filled with yarn? Who am I to resist? Count me in!
    Hope you aren’t too tired from the show!
    Have a nice day!

  109. Those are cute bags. I hope I get picked.

    Windsor, California

  110. Hi Sarah:
    I love how you have taken crochet to the next level! Keep inspiring us with your color and craft! Thank you for the give away!

  111. What a fun and generous giveaway! Thanks for the fun and beutiful and very colorful blog! You are one of my favorites!

  112. I’m really enjoying your weblog :). Hopefully I’ll win!

  113. I didn’t know you were making these totes, they’re fab! I really like the font you chose to print on them. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, please count me in.

    Greetings from Spain.

  114. Oh, this is a lovely yarn! I am a fan of your beautiful blog en ofcource I would like to enter your giveaway…
    Greetings from the Netherlands, mama lieveheersbeestje.

  115. i’m new to your works, but I love the colors that you use and how you use them. I look forward to seeing more.

  116. You do such amazing work! And I love the colors you always choose, very inspiring.

  117. gorgeous totes! i just had a question, can you tell me what projects are in your feb issue of Hip to Hook? i can’t seem to find your emailaddy, so i just leave this comment.

  118. What great totes and fun giveaway!!!
    Love your blog and such great crochet patterns.

  119. Entering my name for a chance at the Tote that has “SARAH LONDON” on it!!!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  120. Please may I join in? I love dropping by for a colour fix, which I certainly get with your crisp bright blog!!

  121. Oooh. Please count me in! My yarn stash is running dangerously low right now. I love the totes (and all of your work, for that matter). Thanks for the opportunity!

  122. OO oo oo! Great giveaway – of course I’m interested. Love your patterns, fabulous work!

  123. I love your work. It inspires me and the bright colors make me happy! Please enter me into your wonderful giveaway! Thanks

  124. Throwing my hat in the ring – thanks for the opportunity! And thanks for your continual colorful inspiration!

  125. I love all your pictures and your blog. I would love to win one of your bags and of course the yarn. I am glad your craft fair went well. Emily

  126. I wish I could have gone to the expo to see your booth. It looked so beautiful. Count me in the draw for the pretty bag! πŸ™‚

  127. What better way to “squiggle” than to start with a fresh load of yarn and the bag to carry it in from the pattern master. I’d love a chance to win your mystery giveaway. Thanks for thinking of all of us. Good luck to me!

  128. Your stuff always looks amazing! And of course the giveaway will out a beginner crochet-er; count me in!

  129. These bags are adorable! I love your use of bright, happy colors in this day of subdued decor, you bring sunshine! I would love to carry one here in Texas!

  130. Hi Sarah

    It’s about time someone made a tote especially for yarn. Lovely. Would love to win one. Thanks for your constant inspiration


  131. Oh, Sarah, how can I resist leaving a comment. The design of those totes is so striking. They definitely carry your color message well.

    Cheers to your Nan for those crochet lessons. How lovely for her to be able to visit the show.

    Best wishes from New York!

  132. Oh, wow- I would love to win this! I love your blog and your crochet creations.

  133. How great to have not only a Sarah London tote, but have it filled with a mish mash of amazing yarns?! Swoon.

    Hope I win. *fingers crossed*

  134. Love the new totes! What could be better than a bag full of gorgeous, squishy, colorful yarn?

  135. They’re so lovely! You’re so aces to do such a great giveaway!!

  136. Oh that would be wonderful to win! A great bag and all that beautiful wool too ! Thank you for having such a great giveaway! Sharonj

  137. I love your granny squares. I make a blanket of really colorful and fun granny squares a few years ago. Since, I have hung up my crochet hook in favor of knitting needles, but I lay under that blanket every day.

  138. Fun ideas for totes! I’ve got my eye on some of your new pillow patterns, too. Will have to check out the shop!

  139. I Love Your Site! You are so creative and inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  140. Hi Sarah

    IΒ΄d love all your first comments about the Craft Expo, I am sura you have a blast, and your totes are beautfiul, loved the design.
    Thanks for the giveway, hope I have luck in this one.
    Ivani/SΓ£o Paulo/Brazil

  141. i absolutely love your work. it is a beautiful inspiration.

  142. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for offering it internationally! I’m from Canada. πŸ™‚

  143. Love ALL your patterns!! Unfortunately I’m out of work and will have to wait till I get a job to purchase any of them… :-(( But you keep designing more, I keep finding more to buy!!

    Great work!!
    Kadie in CT

  144. Greetings from the Land of Enchantment! (New Mexico)

    Great design! I enjoy the emails you send out! Thanks for the extra effort! ~bonnye~

    PS: This bag would look great on me!

  145. I think your bags are lovely! Sorry they didn’t get there in time for the show.

    I would be thrilled to win a bag of yarn! Yarn is something I have to have to live. πŸ™‚

  146. Sarah,
    You do lovely work. Your booth looked like Eye Candy!! The lady holding your afghan looked at it with such wanting.
    Thank you for using color!! I love that.

  147. Great work! The totes are a great tool to help out any crocheter keep wips in order.
    Lovely blog, I get such inspiration.


  148. How lovely! what a dream come true it would be to win…thank you for hosting!

  149. Oh how I would love to win your bag and the colorful yarn. Please count me in! Thank you.

  150. Oooh very cool bags! I hope the show was good to you. Looks like you will have a ton of names to draw from πŸ™‚ Id love the chance !! Thanks!

  151. Ohh, I hope I win–It’s my birthday!! πŸ˜€ (Well, the 25th is, but I’m celebrating on the 26th!)

    Love your blog and I hope you keep posting your lovely pictures of yarn and fabric!! πŸ˜€

  152. Hi Sarah,

    Wonderful new totes. Love the colors.

    I really enjoy your blog.


  153. I so want to win one of the beautyful bags. Keep my fingers crossed.
    Love your blog, a real inspiration.


  154. i have a few of your wool eater blankets in the process of making..i absolutely love your color choices and am constantly in awe of the beauty of your work…when i grow up i hope to have a little of your talent!:)(we won’t mention i’m a granny!)

  155. I’m so giddy over the possibility of of winning. Of all blog giveaways this one definately tops my list. Pick me…pick me.

  156. Ooh, those totes look lovely and the yarn even more so. I’d love to be included in the draw please!

  157. That’s a cool giveaway. I love your site and your patterns.


  158. I would love to have one of your totes & of course the yarn. I love your site & all you do.
    Your super selections of colors has inspired me to add a bit more color to my house. Thanks, Fran

  159. I think they are lovely, I enjoy seeing all of your work. It would be lovely to be a winner of one of the totes. Keep up the good work.


  160. enjoyed your account of the fair, especially your booth. i love the quilts!

  161. have been working on a wool eater blanket of my own and i ❀ this pattern! thank you for sharing! and for this fantastic giveaway!

  162. Just love everything you do, your colour combinations are amazing! I suffer from ME and some days can hardly get out of bed, looking at your colourful website brightens up my day!
    Julia in Spain

  163. I have been watching the show unfold for you and thinking “how I wish we had something like that near me!!” You are so generous to do a giveaway. If I win one–the bag will find a very happy home in Alabama!!

  164. I love your creations and I read your blog as often as I can.
    I would love to win the tote with yarn. Most of the yarn you use are not available in Sweden so I have to find alternatives all the time.

  165. What a great giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your sturdy totes filled with yummy yarn.

  166. Wow, they’re lovely (and I’d love to win one!) Thanks for your daily inspiration Sarah. My house is finally starting to look like a home thanks to being inspired and motivated by your blog/website.


  167. I love those totes! Please enter me in the drawing, but I really want to know… Will you be offering them for sale? (I’m totally bag crazy! LOL)

  168. Amazing and retro…and I heart totes! This is my entry in the contest. πŸ™‚

    Thank you!

  169. Sarah, your blog is wonderful and I follow faithfully. Love your use of color and I would so love to win one of your bags full of yarn.
    Please count me in.

  170. Hi Sarah! Sounds like the Expo went well. The bags are fabulous. Count me in!

  171. I am IN LOVE with you totes!! You have the best color sense!!!

  172. Love your stuff! Just discovered your blog a few months ago. Way to bring crochet into the 21st Century! Very inspiring site. Love the tote bags. Hope I win!

  173. Hey Sarah,
    Nice totes and I am wishing to have one of them πŸ™‚


  174. I love reading your updates and blog. I love your color choices and designs. You have been an inspiration to me while I explore and improve my crochet techniques. Thanks for all you do.

  175. Oh yummy! I would LOVE a super cool tote from one of my fave blogs. The photos from the craft expo are a delight and I can’t wait to see the new patterns and such. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  176. Love the bags! It would be a wonderful giveaway with just the bag, but to have it full of beautiful yarn would be a real treat! Thanks for being sooo generous!

  177. Hello Sarah
    I love reading your blog and am so very pleased that all your hard work and preparation for the show was worth it.
    I haven’t done much crocheting for years and then my daughter wanted to learn and I got the bug back.
    I am always inspired by your enthusiasm and ability to create very different patterns.
    Hopefully I will be ordering a few of your patterns in the very near future.
    I did the mystery advent calendar Xmas Tree and loved it and have done several things in the granny square pattern.
    Keep up the goos work,
    Best Wises from Gwynneth in the UK

  178. Oo, lovely!

    And I must say, the colors you use in your work is very refreshing for me. I’m a big fan.

  179. How could I not enter?

    Loving your colours as always – so bright and happy and inspiring!

  180. Hi, I love the clean, simple look of your patterns…so I subscribed to Hip to Hook…please include me in your give away…

  181. It was lots of fun to see on the blog your preparations for the show and then to hear that it all went well–congratulations!

  182. This is a fantastic giveaway–I wanna win! I just learned to crochet and I’m kind of obsessed with granny squares, so this is perfect.

  183. Those are great looking totes. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  184. Love the YARN bag (and as I’ve recently learned granny squares, that one too) – simple and hip!

  185. This giveaway sounds really exciting. The totes are lovely, and your colourschemes are always inspring.


  186. I have a serious tote addiction…I’d love to have a new one to add to my collection, not to mention the beautiful yarn. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  187. Hi Sarah,
    JUst wanted to say you have completely changed my mind about crocheting. I have taught myself to crochet and i am very inspired by your work and contemporary style. PLease enter me for your competition. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

  188. Yay! Yarn and totes! 2 of my favorite things!

    I love your color combos. I visit your site for inspiration. And I just wanted to say thanks for opening up hip to hook to your U.S. blog readers. I love your patterns.

  189. Your stuff is beautiful! You should come to the US for a show πŸ™‚

  190. Cute totes! I love them!…and I love all of your projects, thanks so much for sharing them with us!

  191. YESSS!!! Please enter me in your great giveaway. Thanks for having one πŸ˜‰ Loved your display at the show and love your blog too ❀

  192. I am new to your site,but like all the colorful patterns. I found this site 2 days ago and love it. I also like the tote.

  193. Those totes really are great. Count me in for the drawing! I’d love to have one. Can they be purchased anywhere online?

  194. I am a relatively new reader, and am loving your projects, and color use. Thanks for the great giveaway and inspiration!

  195. I love those totes, especially the one that says granny squares, since I’ve loved bright multi-colored granny squares for 55 years! Thanks for your blog, always brightens up my day.

  196. I’ve only just recently found your blog and it has proven so inspiring already! I look forward what this spring will bring in this corner of the web. And what a cool givaway!

  197. Hi Sarah!

    I learnt how to join granny squares in your amazing blog.
    Thanks for the great tutorials and for being so kind.

    Margarida (Portugal)

  198. Love the tote and everything you post on your blog!! If only I lived in Australia! I would have come to the show. : )
    I have been crocheting a year now and haven’t been more inspired than by visiting your website. Thank you for being an inspiration to everyone. I would love the opportunity to win the giveaway. Thanks

  199. I have loved doing your patterns. I made a beautiful wooleater and am now working on a larksfoot blanket. Thank you so much for your fabulous retro-modern designs!

  200. This is a dream come true! Thank you so much for offering such a fun and generous giveaway. πŸ™‚

  201. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of your booth. Wish I could have gone to the craft show.

  202. Well how could an avid crocheter refuse such a giveaway…especially with you so generously shipping abroad too ! Thanks..hope I win !!

  203. These totes are wonderful! What a great way to promote yourself as well as offer a cute, unique bag for customers! Thanks so much for the chance at winning one!

  204. I love everything that you do! Your color choices are so inspiring!


  205. I don’t know how you manage to do so much beautiful and inspiring things!!! Lovely bags!

  206. Wow Sarah
    I simply loveeeeeee this site. My Daughter and I learnt how to crochet last year and get all giddy and excited about granny squares. Steph was 14 when I taught her how to do a basic granny square, and how she loves them. Hopefully she will incorporate some funky granny square designs in her textile and design GCSE school project as she is designing a hat…..bright colours with flowers and leaves
    We will be back to this site on a regular basis… it! xx

  207. I just discovered your wonderful site, and it has changed me forever!
    No more pastels or neutrals for me…only your sunny, happy color combos in my projects from now on.
    Keep inspiring us all!

  208. Hi Sarah
    What a great giveaway…I just love reading your blog.
    You inspire me to just keep crocheting…would love to carry one around here in Canada. Thanks so much.

  209. Woot! Love giveaways! Do hope that I get picked…I love this kinda totes. I have two from the Gap that I use a lot when I travel. Having one that says yarn or granny squares would be sweet!!!! ❀


  210. Who could resist such a generous giveaway? not me!
    Having bought some of your fantastic patterns and tried them out immediately I would love to win some of your yarny goodies.
    You are such an inspiration to my ever growing love of crochet and all things soft and yarnlike.

  211. Well this one got me out of my shell ! this is just so wondefull to pass.
    Count me in!

  212. What a cool giveaway! Love your website! You really inspire me to crochet something beautiful! : )

  213. It would be wonderful to win the giveaway and create some beautiful crochet.

  214. Hi Sarah,
    Love your blog and the lovely fresh colours you use in your work and home.

  215. I love those colours. and your work is impressive, what a great project, I like your site

  216. Love your stuff! Thanks for the giveaway. Back to work on my wool-eater…

  217. I love your colors! Of course I’ll try for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  218. Hello Sarah,
    I loved your account of the show with gorgeous photos, felt as though I’d had a little stroll around it myself …

    The best part was the gorgeous story about your Nan teaching you how to make a rose (she must be so proud of you) and the “driving photo” – I too had a wonderful (boy) driver take me to and from my first market at the weekend, and assemble the canopy and get me a cup of tea – it’s so heartwarming …
    (and totally agree with you about bland quilts, I seem to need freshness and light and white!)

    Hope you can have a peaceful day with a little personal crochet time … take care, Barbara

  219. Hello from Indiana. You’ve inspired me to make a crochet granny square pillow for my rocker and I loved it so much, I made another one for my couch!. Lots of inspirational ideas. and the colors… word gorgeous!

  220. Hiya, I love and am inspired by your use of colour and shape.
    Keep up the great work!

  221. The yarn you use is always so colorful and bright! And who can’t use an extra yarn tote?! πŸ™‚

  222. Hey Sarah,

    I heard you had a great time at the expo! Wish I could have been there to meet you, so I will just have to wait for your next show!
    The new totes are adorable and very ‘you’, great job!

    Kind regards,

  223. Hello from drizzly London
    Your cheerful, colourful work is always a welcome inspiration. Yay for the granny square bag!

  224. LOVE your work Sarah……It’s inspired me…..and I would love to win one of these tote bags.

  225. A wonderful giveaway–who wouldn’t love to get such a nice tote–and filled with the object of our obsession–YARN.
    Thank you (even if I don’t win)!

  226. DEAR SARAH:

  227. love, Love, LOVE your color choices! I check your site all the time and I love the fresh, clean, look of your work. Count me in for the give away!

    thanks for inspiring all of us!! πŸ™‚

  228. Hi,
    Wow how generous , Please count me in. Denise x

  229. ZOMG – just saw this and thought ‘I”ll leave a comment – who knows….my crochet mojo is sadly lacking at the moment”….but 330 or more comments later I found the bottom of the comment pile. Waaaah.

    Never mind – wanted to mention that I loved the look of your stall and even checked where you were (was it Newcastle?) as I was going to pop in and say hi.

    Might have to wait till you come to Sydney…..

  230. Hi Sarah,
    Very excited re being in with a chance for this amazing giveaway!! Thanks for all your amazing inspiration.

  231. ooooooooh…..forget the yarn….I’d love one to tote around whilst I do my groceries……!!!!

  232. WOW!! Sarah, what a give away. I’d like to enter to win. Thank you for offering this. Wohoo!

  233. I love your color combinations and your work is so cool! It makes me happy to look through your site with all the bright colors on these grey gloomy days.

  234. You have totally inspired me to take up crocheting again with your incredible colur combinations. I love the Biggan yarn range and have knitted extensively with them and after downloading one of your patterns books am looking forwarding to crocheting with them.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the bag of yarn….

  235. The bags look great ! I have only just recently cracked the Granny Square code and would love a bag of yarn to keep me going πŸ™‚

  236. I am a newby to your site too. I just love the way you have made crochet into something so modern and gorgeous. I love your use of colours and your enthusiasm for it all. Thank you for inspiring me….

  237. Hello sarah!

    I love your blog and your work, itΒ΄s wonderful. you give me so much insperation to make a lot of thing. I hope i win the giveaway:)

    kajsa from sweden

  238. I check your site at least twice a day. I ran across it about a year ago and love it. Love the beautiful creations and am always amazed at the beautiful colors. Your work is to perfection.

  239. (second attempt to post, like many of my crochet projects, my first is a UFO somewhere in digital land) I am attempting to organize my craft stash. One of the ways is to put UFOs into separate totes complete with all supplies and pattern so I can grab a tote and work without having to find everything. Obviously I would need more totes to do this. I even have a large number of squares: granny, hexagon, misc. They would be perfect in a properly named tote. Thanks for your postings.

  240. What a wonderful giveaway – love your stuff!!!!! I’m crossing my fingers and toes and hoping my karma is good!!!

    Vickie in Seattle

  241. Yes please – I love the bags and of course I love yarn! Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks!

  242. The totes look great! It’s a wonderful idea…great way to keep the grannies together while you are creating too πŸ˜‰

  243. Wow!!! What a great giveaway. I am a newbie to crochet and am in desperate need of a tote to stow all my yarn.

  244. I saw you at the show. Your stall stood out for its contemporary and artistic take on a classic granny craft. It is great to see an old craft being revived. Super stall.

  245. I have yet to find a more inspiring crochet blog.. Congratulations on the success at the show – you deserve it! The bags are beautiful, love the lettering and who couldn’t use a nice sturdy tote? (:

  246. Your blog makes me want to move further south…thanks for the beautiful colors!

  247. Love your colour combos! Awesome font for the Handy Bags!! Count me in!

  248. Beautiful totes! I was drawn to this site months ago when I stumbled upon your amazing Wool Eater afghan, and I’ve been visiting regularly ever since. Great website!

  249. Love your blog and all it’s wonderful colors. Please enter me in the giveaway!!!

    WV USA

  250. Oh wow! As if the allure of a new bag isn’t great, the allure of your most completely tempting yarn seals the deal! Fingers crossed!

  251. Love me some yarn!!!!!! Love totes too. (They hold all my varioius projects….please don’t make me count) πŸ™‚

  252. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for your great blog and the inspirations πŸ™‚

  253. Wow!!!!! Count me in!!!!! I would love to have your tote with yarn!!!!!!!

  254. SUCH a great giveaway. Love the tote, and the chance to have some of your yarns… Yippee!!

  255. This is a great giveaway! Thank you so much for offering such an amazing prize!

  256. hi im 13 years old and i would like to win so i can make a blanket for my family in Haiti i love the tote i wanna do a give away but but right not right now bye.

  257. Please put my name in the hat for the drqwing. Love your site and all the great ideas! I’m having fun with your Hip to Hook newsletters. Working on the pillow right now. Finished the hearts in time for Valentines Day. Thank you for the ideas!! Margie Jones

  258. *gasp* Free yarn!? In one of those adorable bags? Wowzers!! *faints*….lol..just kidding πŸ™‚ Fabulous giveway! Good luck everyone! πŸ™‚

  259. lov the totes and all your amazing crochet. regularly on your site being inspired. love the totes

  260. Your work is just beautiful !!!Love the way you use color. And Yes I woud love a tote full of your wonderful yarn.

    Bernice in NW FLorida USA

  261. Ooohh! What a great giveaway! I’ve been watching your posts preparing for the show just thinking how pretty those yarns are and wanting some for myself. Could I ever get so lucky! πŸ™‚

  262. Love the bags. They are a great idea. count me in too please.

  263. These bags are amazing!
    (pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me!) xD
    I looove your website and the colours in your website!
    Saludos! Eliza

  264. Everything you do is so inspiring and Beautiful!!!
    Sign me up for the giveaway!!

  265. Sarah your site is such a joy, full of beautiful colour and classy projects,yes please put me in for the draw, how great it would be to win a tote full of wool.

  266. I LOVE the looks of your totes and Thank you for sharing what it was like at the show you recently went to. I throughly enjoyed reading your stories. Its like sitting down for a cuppa of tea or coffee and chatting with a friend about all the fun of crafts πŸ™‚

  267. Hello Sarah! I am so amazed at the talents that God has given you. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. You are an inspiration me. God bless you and Thank you. Joanne

  268. Wow. Almost 400 comments, but I still wanted to chime in. I love coming to your blog on occasion – it’s always so inspiring!

  269. Good Luck to all of you!
    Please pick me!! πŸ™‚

    Elke from Austria

  270. Hi Sarah,

    I wish I could make it to your show. So lovely!!! Hoping to make it in the giveaway πŸ™‚

  271. Neat Totes! Filled with yarn is awesome πŸ™‚

    Hope your show went well, the pictures look great.


  272. Thank you so much for showing us ppl that are color handicapped how we can use color!

  273. Your crochet creations are works of art.

    (And I can’t believe you are doing a giveaway!)

  274. wow the totes look awesome! I would love my granny squares to hang out in one of these πŸ™‚
    Congrats on the show.

  275. Love your yarns and patterns, check in on you on almost a daily basis to see what wonderful creation you have come up with.

  276. Wow Sarah,
    you know, I love your designs and your colors. Just yesterday evening I started with a diagonal square. It turns out so nice !!!
    Thanks for all your patterns. And thanks for this special give away. You never know …
    xxx Isolde

  277. Beautiful Sarah, just beautiful. I LOVED your stand at the Newcastle Craft Fair. It was the only one I was really inspired by. I bought some new yarn today and am counting the minutes till the kiddies are off to bed so I can start on some gorgeous sqiggly squiggles !!!

  278. Wow, Sarah, that’s incredibly generous of you – good luck to everyone!

  279. Hi Sarah, I love all the things you do with wool! It was great to see that your Nana was at the show, and read how she taught you to crochet. My Nana taught me to knit when I was 5. Aren’t Nanas great!

  280. WOW! What a fab giveaway!
    The totes look gorgeous – very funky indeed. And the thought of a tote full of yarn is making me go seriously gooey! Ooooo!!!

  281. I lurk and sometimes post… but have enjoyed your preparation for the show and for the show itself…

    I’m fairly ne wto crochet and I love to read your blog for inspiration :o)

  282. wow! wish the bags were at the show, then I would have seen them in person!..Count me in for the Give-away please.

  283. thanks Sarah, would love you to add my name to the growing pile.

  284. I would love to have that bag! I really love your work, amazing colors..!

  285. Just found your blog and itΒ΄s wunderful. I’ll definetly will come back (if I could leave of course) πŸ™‚

  286. Sorry you got your totes a day late, but they sure are fun!! What a great giveaway!

  287. I have so many granny squares that needs a loving home like this gorgeous bag! Please count me in…

  288. What a great site with beautiful colors and patterns! Would love to win the tote with the colorful yarn.


  289. Your totes are great! I love your use of color! It just makes me happy every time I see your designs!

    I would love to win the tote and yarn!

  290. I like the look of these bags and the fact that you can keep yarn and squares separate, especially when working on a large blanket. I love visiting you site and you bright clear colours.

  291. Great site and such a lovely generous giveaway. I love your totes, great job designing them. Nancy in Calgary

  292. I’d love to win some new yarn! Your totes are very creative =)

  293. Count me in. Would love to have a chance to get this!

    Annemarieke (from the Netherlands)

  294. 414 comments so far….I’m so glad that there are so many yarn and granny square lovers,and that I am one of them.
    It is so lovely to be a part of sharing and making ideas and
    different projects,isn’t it?
    Winner of your giveaway will be so lucky.
    Marija from Croatia

  295. Oh my! I would love to get a care package from Australia. I’m deep in the heart of Texas.

    Love what you do, Sarah. Keep spreading the crochet love!

  296. Well, who can say no to a bag full of feel good stuff? I would love to be the extatic happy owner of your bundles of joy. And well done on the fair. It looked like good fun and I am very sad I missed out on it all… The world is in one way very small but still kinda toooooo big at the same time. Ciao!

  297. what a fab giveaway!! i’d love to win one of these – if i don’t, are they for sale????

  298. Hi – this site is great! I’m new to crochet but all the stuff you show here has really gotten me interested!

    Also – count me in for the giveaway!


  299. I love this giveaway and it would be great to win! Count me in!

    By the way–I made one of your wool eater afghans and my niece loved it.


  300. As I guessed, hundreds of comments. I hope I’m not too late to be entered in the give away.

    I absolutely love the totes and if I don’t win one (more than likely won’t), I will most certainly purchase one in the future.

    Thanks for the “awesomeness” that is your blog. I enjoy using your patterns and looking at your lovely pictures.

  301. Ooooh, these look amazing, just the thing for carting about all my works in progress!! Put my name in the hat please!!

  302. Sarah found your blogspot by chance and have enjoyed reading about your trip to the craft show and felt our anguish at all the last minute things(mm pressure seems to make us work better) Have tried my hand at basic crocheting and make the standard rugs but after seeing some of the things youv’e made I think for me that it may make a comeback! Pleawse keep writing as I enjoy your going ons.

  303. Oh! thank you so much for this BIG opportunity!
    I love your work and would be a great privilege to receive an offer something like this!
    thank you so much!

  304. Hey Sarah! I love how you use color. I think you should write a book on color theory. Love from the USA!

  305. I love your website! Your work is beautiful and you are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  306. OH I am definitely in. i LOVE all your items.

    very exciting!! Love your colors.

  307. Great Bags would love one full of yarn πŸ™‚ count me in please. Have a great day and congrats on the bags

    kristine lopez

  308. Dear Sarah,

    Thanks for such a lovely giveaway, and good luck everyone!

    Count me in.


  309. Totally love your blog!
    Pick me, pick me!
    Love from

  310. Hello Sarah,
    I think what you do to inspire crafting is awesome! Keep up the good work.

  311. OOOoohhh, let me at it please!! I just cannot believe how addictive crochet is. . . absolutely hooked (no pun intended) . . . except after an ‘episode’ I’m seeing colourful stitches when I close my eyes!

  312. Hi Sarah,
    464 comments! So i thought I’d be the 465th and throw my name into the hat too. Your crochet patterns are so brilliant, I love visiting to see what new delights you’ve created. Best wishes from snowy Scotland x

  313. I just found about your page a few days ago and I love it. It’s really inspiring!
    Best regards from Slovenia!

  314. What a great giveaway. I’d love one of those totes so please count me in!!

  315. Hi Sarah. WOW!! You have been a busy bunny these last few weeks. Your stall looked amazing at the CraftExpo show – hope you did really well. Just wanted to pop by and say that you saved me from an embarrasing Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately on the run up to the day I was ill in bed and had no chance to buy my wonderful hubby a card or pressie. But you saved me!! A recent Hip to Hook had a pattern for a little heart – do you know the one I mean? So in a moment of semi-clarity (dosed up to the eyeballs with cold & flu drugs) I found hook, red yarn and a little energy to crochet up a heart. I’ve never ever done Triple Trebles or Double Trebles before, but it was sooooo easy thanks to your excellent instructions. When finished I stuck it onto a plain white card blank and it looked AMAZING (even though I say so myself). Simple, but beautiful. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You saved the day. My husband loved the card and so do I. Take Care. Love Sam Terry xx

  316. Well no wonder you have had so many comments. What a wonderful giveaway! Some seriously wonderful stuff can be created with all that delicious yarn.

  317. Ohhh, I love your new totes, espically the granny square one, love the colors.
    I sure enjoy your blog.

  318. Wow…Thanks for this wonderful opportunity for this give a way! Yes…I would love to receive a package of wonderful=ness from you! You are truly inspiring and I am grateful for finding you online! Thank you for your creative-ness!!

  319. They look like very nice totes. Who wouldn’t want to win a bag of yarn?

    Knittingdancer on Ravelry

  320. Your eye for color is amazing. I can’t wait to crochet the round pillow.

  321. What a fantastic giveaway!
    I love your patterns. I am trying to crocket the Hawaiian flowers right now, and I really love them.

    Bye from Sweden

  322. In the wintry mid-west of the States the color on your site always brightens my mood! I rediscovered crochet and would relish using your fablous yarns and lovely tote.

  323. Oh my goodness! Look at all the comments! I know I won’t be picked but enter me in anyway! Whomever gets picked will be a very lucky person indeed!

  324. Greetings from Kansas!! Love your beautiful blog and all the bright colors and patterns and just EVERYTHING!!! This is such a nice giveaway, thanks!

  325. Hi Sarah

    I found your blog when seeking a way to crochet squares together without a ridge. I loved your tutorial. Also this all came along right in time – as I recently needed surgery and crochet in beautiful colours and soft yearn is THE perfect occupation for recovery.

    Tote bags are a wonderful idea.
    Thanks for bringing a little more colour and inspiration to me.
    Sue (London UK)

  326. Hello from New Zealand! I have never commented before, but I love your blog πŸ™‚

  327. LOVE everything you do! Thank you for so much inspiration. I would love a tote! They are fabulous!


  328. Dear Sarah,
    I really love your work, all the wonderful colours and lovely granny-squares!
    I really like your blog and always wish for more crochet-time πŸ™‚
    Bye from Melli

  329. Wow! That’s what I call a giveaway!! Of course I want to be in.
    Love your beautiful and colourful creations!
    Love from Anna-Karin

  330. Hi Sarah, what a great give-away! You really are the Queen of Crochet!
    Kind regards from the ice-cold and snowy Sweden. Cecilia

  331. Wow what great tote bags, I’d love to be included in the draw.
    Love your blog and look forward to your great patterns.

  332. Hi Sarah, your blog is always so inspiring and full of colour, I’ve been lurking on here for ages just drinking in the photos and feelings of creativity! I haven’t crafted anything for ages and am itching to get stuck into a new project. Thank you for making your blog so bright and cheerful, and one of the most inspiring places to visit online!

  333. Of course i would love to win—what person wouldn’t?? Fantastic giveaway and please enter me in it. Thank you so much for sharing all of your creativity with all of us. Have a good day.

    Take care,

  334. G’day Sarah
    I take my crochet with me everywhere, so when I get a spare moment I can do a few stitches.
    One of your bags would be just the shot for my ‘going out’ crochet bag…
    Being so colourful & bright makes them even more desirable…
    Please count me in… OOroo… Bethel

  335. Wow! What an incredible giveaway! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  336. Just found your blog, sooooo inspired now. Love your use of colour, putting a new twist on crochet is fantastic and being an Aussie is even better.

  337. Hi Sarah

    Have just learnt of your site this morning at the local craft shop. I have been a fan of crochet since I was very young. My Gran taught me, she was a left hander as I am. My Mum couldn’t find someone to teach me to knit! I knit right handed and only well enough teach my three daughters to purl, plain, cast on and off, they are all right handed! Whereas I crochet granny square rugs, edges on doyleys and even crocheted edges on white linen hankies, the hankies were something my Gran used to do to give away as gifts. When she passed away I was lucky to to be given her craft things. Am about to start crocheting for the ‘knit one save one’ Survive to Five campaign for the Save the Children and they are asking that wool is used as it is more fire retardant than acrylic so I would love to go in the draw for your tote bag.
    I have just spent a lovely couple of hours looking over your site, fabulous!


  338. I love your blog – it’s an inspiration, especially the fabulous colours. Have just started crocheting again….

    Best wishes

  339. Oh me!!! I love your fabulous use of colour and your blog just cheers me up everytime I come visit.

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