We started with this, a 2 x 3 metre space . . .

and transformed it into this . . . now after looking at this photo, yes perhaps if given the chance I may do a quick shuffle around of things, I know I would definitely remove the ‘dark’ piece of fabric from our wallpapered wall, if time permits tomorrow it will most certainly vanish!

We began by hanging the quilt tops, yes tops only, no time to quilt, then wallpapered the other wall with fabric.

I went for black gingham for the tables this year, just for a change.

Our crochet kits were unpacked next. The ‘Granny Squares’ kit is perfect for anyone just starting out, with instructions for the basic granny, stitch diagrams, hook, yarn and needle, you’ll be crocheting in an instant!

Oh here’s Mabel resting on the red chair, kits are available, email if you’d like a kit set aside, the PDF pattern will be launched in the next few days and hard colour copies are available at the Show.

On the wall in this photo is a quilt I’ve called ‘One Way to LA’. I enjoyed whipping up both the quilts, utilizing a plain simple shape, creating different formations.

We have a light sprinkling of vintage chenille this year.

I dumped the Squiggles blanket on top of the wool, it just sings out touch me touch me don’t you think, squish me, so we left it down for anyone who feels so inclined and plus it’s also quite heavy so the chances of it hanging were quite slim! Kits are available upon request.

And last but not least there’s wool, in all colours of the rainbow.

OK I best get some sleep, I’m looking forward to tomorrow! Swing by and say hello if you’re in the neighborhood!


32 Comments on “ready!

  1. Oh how I wish I could visit your show and purchase The ‘Granny Squares’ kit. I’m just starting and I think this kit would be perfect. But alas, I live in Toronto Canada. Have a great day!

  2. Your stand looks so colourful and stunning. All the best for tomorrow, would love to have come, but living in South West France……..

  3. Wow!!!! it looks fantastic!!! I sure wish I could pop by…… but I’m in new england! the best of luck and Have Fun!!! as always you are the greatest INSPIRATION!!!!!!!

  4. I wish I could be there! it looks fantastic! Have a great show!

  5. You are sure in the right business. Your choice of colors & excellent work just “sing”. Keep up the good work. Wish I lived close to your shop, just to go in & look would get the juices flowing.

  6. Oh My.. your stall look stunning Sarah. You organized it so well. Thanks for the brief 🙂 Best wishes.

  7. WOW! This is amazing. Your designing talent is incredible. I sincerely wish I could visit your booth and “pet” all those beautiful creations. I hope it is a very successful event for you.

  8. Dear Sarah,
    I’m so envy od australians right now!!!
    I wish i can have the chance to see all your beautiful work live!!! It’s wondeful!!!!
    Break a leg, tomorrow!!!
    Your brazilian fan, Cláudia

  9. Sarah, both your stand and You look really wonderful. I know that you’ll have great success. There is really nothing like what you are offering at this show available in New York. Make a note. xo

  10. By the way, you would have been so busy, so thanks for taking the time to take some pics for us all to see and to share it all with you.

  11. The display is stunning. I’ve really enjoyed looking at all the pictures and the color combinations you’ve put together.

  12. Best of luck to you! Your space looks fantastic. Wish I were there!

  13. Hi there!!
    You did a great work with your space. It looks lovely!!! Fersh and colourful, I’m sure it will catch the attenttion of many people.
    I wish I could go!

  14. Hi Sarah

    I am sure your place at CraftExpo will be a hit.
    Lots of success and we are waiting for the news.

    Ivani/São Paulo/Brazil

  15. Sarah, I hope your day goes really well, your booth is “alive” with color, I just love it all … the fabric wallpaper, the chenille (I still have my childhood chenille bedspread safely stored), the amazing fresh quilts (the rectangle shape works so well) and the classic black and white gingham is perfect for the tables – I just know everyone will love it and you will bring much crochet happiness to the whole event! And as Patricia says above, it’s lovely that you’ve taken the time to post the photos and share it all when you’re so busy … Thank you!

  16. This is the coolest store ever! I wish i was in AUS right now! I’d buy a lot of stuff from you! all those wool & patterns…yum! can you save some for me? Thanks! post more photos please…this is really exciting! :))

  17. I just found your blog and I LOVE. Wow and the stall looks amazing …. wish I was there in Aus. Hope all goes well and thank you for sharing.
    Will definitely pop back again.


  18. Lot’s of luck!
    If I walked into the fair, your stall would beckon to me immediately!
    I would like to add (along with Patricia and Barbara) my thanks in taking the time to share with us. You give us that energized colour infusion we crave!!!!!!!

  19. Love all you do. You are truely inspiring. I would totally be interested in kits and yarn!! Much luck and fun during the show.

  20. Hello!

    Was SO lovely to meet you today.. I hope you enjoy my little pattern.. check out my Blog when you get a sec..

    Wishing you days filled with “Sunshine and Stitching”
    Ally xx

  21. Looks FABULOUS! Love the coat hangers, it all looks gorgeous, all that colour. Wonderful, Sarah. Love Vanessa xxx

  22. I wish I didn’t live on the other side of the world! Your show looked fresh and wonderful and I’m so glad you had a great show and time! thanks for sharing the photo’s!!

  23. I would love to have been able to go to the show just see your work ‘in the flesh’. Your photos are great but I bet reality makes them sooooo much better.

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