organized chaos

One quilt top blowing in the breeze above and below organized chaos!

Packing and sorting tonight, as we set up our stand tomorrow! I’ll post some photos tomorrow night once we are all set up.


14 Comments on “organized chaos

  1. Good Luck Sarah, although i dont think you will need it……you are so inspiring and bring sooooo much colour into peoples lifes,
    thank you
    love and light x

  2. Gee that quilt is stunning! You have just done that as well as organising for the show?!!!!
    I don’t know how you manage to do it all in the time that you do. Plus, everything is done so beautifully down to the last detail. I love those Mabel bags, oh how I would love to see your stall at the show, I can imagine that it is going to look so fantastic.
    I hope it all goes so well for you, and you sell heaps and heaps.
    Don’t forget to post some photos on your blog.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Quilt is very nice. Hope you have best stall :). I never seen any craft expo and wish I could see your stall. Do you mind telling what are you going to project in your stall, just a glimpse.


  4. Sarah, I am predicting great success for you in this endeavor. What a star you are … quite a stand out from the crochet crowd. And your color/colour sense is unique.

    Best wishes!

  5. Hi I have been following your blog for some time now. Every post is so inpiring. I wish could come and view your stand but i am truly tooooooo far away for a visit (Europe). Enjoy yourself in the chaos and I will be there over the Internet. Here the world is so much smaller than in reality. Thanks for beautiful colours and art. Every piece of yours is like a candy bag for a kid.

  6. Your blog design is looking absolutely fabulous! I do like your interpretation of a quilt, it looks beautiful. I wish you success with your stand, (though of course you don’t need it, it will be a sell out, but it’s nice to give well wishes, isn’t it?). I’m enjoying your latest issue of Hip to Hook, the new down loadable system is so much better than what you did before, because this way, we get loads of pictures, which is inspiring. Looking at your blog header, I’m thinking, a line of greetings cards is sitting there, waiting to be go into production……….. Love Vanessa xxx

  7. After reading your blog for ages, it was great to meet you at the Newcastle Show. Your stall looked great and was always busy.
    Thanks for being so helpful…cheers…Jewells

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