Cut, fold, press, stack and tie with a bow . . . that’s been the rhythm of the last few days, along with sewing, crocheting and writing up patterns. I’ve been working with solids, and have a few ‘solid only’ quilts made for the show. Hopefully I’ll be able to snap a photo of them later today or tomorrow.

Oh and do you like our ‘hand outs’ for this year, I’ve printed an assortment for the Show. Instead of handing out a stack of business cards I find having a stack of these sort of flyers on hand are perfect to distribute. They still need cutting up into postcard size, but that can be this afternoon’s activity . . . along with a hundred and one another things! Gotta dash and I promise, all unanswered emails will be answered as soon as I catch my breath!


10 Comments on “solid

  1. Oh my gosh! those are so beautiful! You know that you are going to be out of everything in under an hour :*)
    The flyers are perfect!

  2. Love the flower granny square – is this pattern available for purchase!!

  3. I’ve been following quitely for a little while. But I had to say… I’m very interested to see this “solid only” quilt! The crocheted flower granny squares are beautiful as well. Cheers!

  4. Just gorgeous Sarah and I look forward to seeing the quilts. You always do the most delightful things with colour. I’m sure the show will be a roaring success!

  5. Hi Sarah,
    I am following you for a quite a while and I must say you inspired me a lot. I love your work~crochet, quilts, fabrics, colors, photos everything. All I can say is you are awesome :))
    Best wishes with you.


  6. Sarah, Be sure to have a wonderful market, the little fabric packages look inviting and I love that new pattern for the granny “pop-up flowers” – am looking forward to getting back to my crochet more often when it’s not so humid … am about to knit a beanie for my nephew in freezing New York!

  7. I soo much wish I could be there for the market, you show the most ” Iwant” things.
    Regards from Sweden

  8. Everything looks lovely ! I wish I could go to the Show, unfortunately I’m in Northern Ireland !!
    Vivienne 🙂

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