gloss white

I’ve been splashing around what seems like gallons of gloss white paint, giving everything a lick of fresh paint for the New Year!

The picture frames received their last coat of gloss. Now they just need to be hung.

Old wooden chairs were next on the ‘to do’ list. I began painting them outside, but soon had to move indoors in the cool of the air conditioning.

I raided my stash of Cath Kidston fabrics and covered the seat pads in cheery roses with the aid of a staple gun.

I’ve been dotting a bit of black around the place too. First a clock,

and I’ve also painted the pantry door in black chalkboard paint too. Did you notice the ‘Rose White’ on the walls, I told you it was very subtle. It’s the very palest of pinks, enough to make the gloss white stand out and teams well with the touches of black.

And what’s that I spy on the floor, could it be oddments of wool!

Yes! once I decide what we’re having for dinner I’ll be spending the rest of the afternoon crocheting, how about you!


12 Comments on “gloss white

  1. I love the colors of the walls. I can’t get over how neat and clean everything looks!! Then I saw the skeins of yarn under the table and it
    totally felt like home!! LOL You have a very beautiful home and the
    colors are so soft and warm.

  2. The color you chose for your turquoise wall is similar to the one I am planning to paint my studio. I’m thinking of doing a single white wall just because. Love your shots of color throughout–the red KA mixer is so pretty!

  3. Oh my, your painting is so neat!
    The framed roses/flowers are so pretty, the chair covers too.

  4. Hi Sarah!

    Wow, am very impressed by the colours! I really like the turquoise wall and the green chair. Lime is one of my favourite colours.

    One of my goals this year is to learn how to crochet.

  5. I love the KitchenAid mixer, I asked my Uncle from the states to buy it for me as a belated christmas pressie.

    I’ve been furiously crocheting the last few days so I could finish my Granny Blanket before the Hip2Hook January comes.

    Take Care!

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics. I love the freshness of your home, and also the vintage quality of the frames pictures. I really do have to locate some of Kath Kidson fabric here in Georgia, it’s wonderful.

  7. Hi Sarah
    love it!! what is the name of the paint you used (turqoise). brand and name??

  8. The new year is certainly bringing a beautiful fresh look to your decor. I keep reminding myself that you are also enjoying the wonderful warmth of summer.

    I’ll say it again … your color sense is superb! Definitely looking forward to what resulted when crocheting and dinner planning crossed paths.

    Best wishes! xo

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