Rose White

Here’s the finished Turquoise wall in my dining room, I only painted the one wall. The table has had another coat of white gloss too. The light shade which has been hanging for one or two years now, finally got a thorough clean, I had to dismantle each section, such a pain, but so be it.

The remaining walls I’ve been coating in Rose White. It’s a very very pale petal pink. So subtle in colour that my husband hasn’t yet noticed the ‘new’ colour on the walls.  I’m also taking the Rose White to the lounge room walls too, perhaps then since that room gets more sunlight all will be revealed that we now have pink walls! Surprise!


13 Comments on “Rose White

  1. I am totally amazed that you don’t consult your husband before painting walls etc. random colours, not that I think you should get his permission or anything, but the fact that he has to live there too… My husband would definitely expect to have some input.

  2. Happy New Year to you, Sarah!

    How I hope that turquoise will be the color of the season over here in New York too. Your wall is splendid and beautifully accented by that subtle shade of pink. Congrats also on being able to patiently clean the light!

    I’ve got some turquoise drop earrings that amongst my very favorites, and so hope to feel I am on trend! That’s a bit of a joke, because I really never think much about being on trend. At my age, I know what pleases me and like it.

    Thank you so much for the prior post with all those wonderful photos of the inspiration that you have given to your faithful readers. Your posts are unique!

    Enjoy summer down under. xo

  3. It looks so chic!!

    Oh how I love that colour. It is the perfect turquoise. That is a beautiful shot of it all, with the white table and roses. What a fabulous choice of rose white. I would never have of thought of that. That little hint of pink will bring out the warm tones of the turquoise. The beautiful pendant light shade, is like a flower with its loose petals, upside down.

    I just love, it all.

    A fantastic choice Sarah, as usual, you never fail to delight and intrigue us with your individuality and amazing flair for the unique and lovely.

  4. This is a great color. I have had the same color in my bedroom for about two years now! In fact my whole place is quite colorful. My boyfriend always says if we ever live together that he wouldn’t like such a colorful place. I guess we’ll probably never make it that far! HA!

  5. Very cool wall Sarah! This is my kinda colour at the moment. Aqua, grey and white is the combo I seem to be putting everywhere 🙂

  6. Turquoise and white – so fresh, like foam on a summery sea! (Very Designer’s Guild too!). It looks wonderful. I’ve also got the painting bug – very impromptu, but I can’t stop myself; I’ve gone for a colour called ‘twine’, in a colour-wash effect. And, I would NEVER let anyone tell me/assist me with what colour to paint my walls!!!!! Sometimes you just know what your strengths are 🙂 BTW, I also use this Jestro theme, great isn’t it?!

  7. Dear Sarah,
    The turquoise color is perfect and also the palest pink and thank you for inspiring everyone to be more adventurous with color in crochet and decorating – wishing you a happy and very colorful fresh New Year. Love your patterns and photos.

  8. Oh the colour choices are just gorgeous! I love that blue and would have never thought to place in on the wall.
    I do think the cath kidson adds a soft touch the the white and strong bold shapes and colours.
    I think when your done we deserve a little tour around hehe
    Kath x

  9. I love white furnitures, white walls, white squares… everything. All the colours looks better in white! ^^

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