Colours + Cards

For some unknown reason at this time of the year, a few days out from Christmas I get the sudden urge to paint every room in the house. This year though I have been resisting the urge, I don’t think the front door counts does it?

Then this turned up in my mailbox!

Of course I now have paint pots and rollers at the ready, I’m thinking if at least one wall gets a coat of fresh paint before the big day I’ll be happy. I’ve decided to add a splash of Turquoise around the place, being that it is ‘the’ colour for 2010 and all. I’ve chosen Puerto Rico for the dining room wall, and the first coat is going on tonight!

Oh and here’s how I displayed our Christmas cards this year, simply, with an artificial wreath + fishing line + mini reindeer pegs, the cards just trail to the floor and sway around in the breeze!


3 Comments on “Colours + Cards

  1. I love turquoise! I hope you’ll share a pic of your wall with us! I wish I had the guts to paint a wall that colour. Maybe if I see one, I might. I don’t know why not. I did paint my bedroom walls red when I was a teen! 🙂

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