Festive Jaffas

Thanks goes to Donna for this grand idea, you’ll need 1 packet of Jaffas + 1 glass bowl, I used an ice-cream sundae bowl.

Simply empty a packet of red Jaffas into a bowl, and voila!

One sweet table decoration. I popped a sprig of holly in for good measure.

Why stop at one bowl!

I spotted a bunch of cream and red carnations in the distance at the supermarket last night, swiftly I swooped upon them and popped them in my trolley. Nice and festive!


9 Comments on “Festive Jaffas

  1. I’m so glad that my fabulous food idea will be out there for all to see!! I try each year to come up with a decorating extravaganza that is centred around food…

    I might add that we are up to our 5th packet of jaffas….since Saturday!

    …ho ho ho…

  2. Looks really nice and tasty too. I have to look for similar candy here in sweden. Wish you a nice week. Regards from Sweden

  3. FABuLous idea… just love it, but I think I’d be a bit like Donna I’d be up to my 5th pkt within days & we are on our own… chocoately delights have a habit of callin me [not so him] … ‘I’m here… come & get me’… ha ha
    But I must say they do look a picture with their holly twig…
    Merry Christmas… Bethel

  4. What a simply grand idea. I am going to have a chat with the managers at my market. We get lots of imported delicacies … have to get Red Jaffa’s on the order forms.


  5. That sure is pretty with the Holly, now if only I could eat such things, and I’m guessing you have air conditioning Sarah.

  6. OK, this is insanely cute – I imagine it would last a least a day or two before I started in on the chocolates…

  7. What a gorgeous and great idea!! I think I need to find a creative way to decorate my table as well this year. 🙂

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