Fear is the Heart of Love

My daughter will often bring her MacBook to me, sharing with me her latest finds, last night it was a particularly beautiful song she came across on YouTube.

Now you might be wondering about the title of this post, well it’s part of the lyrics of the song we were listening too at one in the morning.

After a little googling, there has been much discussion on ‘fear is the heart of love’. Different interpretations have been made on the true meaning of this song and that phrase.

Take a listen, what do you make of it. You’ll find the clip below.


7 Comments on “Fear is the Heart of Love

  1. I’ve never heard this version of the song but death cab is my favorite band ❤ they have amazing music.

  2. The song is beautiful. My interpretation is that when we are in love we live in dread of losing our happiness. There is an anticipation of something could happen and that’s an imminent threat. So, we need to adjust to everyday new challenges.
    I’ve been looking at your work for some time and I really like your creations, happy colours and enthusiasm. I’ve like to read more about it but I can’t access the info because I didn’t get invite.
    Have a great week! Hasta pronto,

  3. I think to put it rather simply, it just means that sometimes people are afraid to love. But make sure to listen to the original by death cab! A million times better, favorite band of all time.

  4. That is a great song but I think the version by Death Cab for Cutie is better.

  5. That is indeed the line, though in context you can see that it is a statement that the writer diagreed with strongly.

    “In Catholic school as vicious as Roman rule
    I got my knuckles bruised by a lady in black
    And I held my tongue as she told me
    “Son fear is the heart of love”
    So I never went back”

  6. I actually got the quote “Fear is the heart of love” tattooed on me going up my arm. I absolutely love the quote, I think of it as everyone is feared of love, even when your in love your in fear of losing that person. Amazing quote

  7. I think the overriding theme is the unknown. Death and what is beyond, Love and truly giving your heart to another person. They inspire fear, the triumphant moment is when love becomes stronger than fear. It dosen’t irradiate it, just over powers it. We jump and where we will land we don’t know. Deep down fear is still there, love is just stronger.
    A very wise person once told me that people don’t like to change, they will do whatever it takes to stay the same. Until staying the same becomes harder than changing.
    Fear and Love are opposite sides of the same coin. They both motivate us to change. Wether we allow them in or not, we still are forced to change.

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