crochet a rainbow

photo via Do you Mind if I Knit.

Have you spied Vanessa’s gorgeous scarf yet? When I found the above pic in my inbox last week all I could reply back to Vanessa was ‘Wowers!’

Inspired by a previous Hip to Hook pattern (see below), Vanessa set about making a beautiful scarf.

Vanessa has actually been crocheting quite a few fabulously colorful scarfs (see below), certain to brighten the most wintery of days.

photo via Do you Mind if i Knit

Pop over to see more of Vanessa’s beautiful work, for your dose of sunshine today!

15 Comments on “crochet a rainbow

  1. Sarah, I indeed saw Vanessa’s scarfs, and I still adore your Hip to Hook pattern … can you make a pdf of it, just lik the granny stars …?

  2. Just found your blog through Mrs Twins – i love the diagonal stripes, have you done a tutorial, or are you thinking of doing one! The colours are fabulous!

  3. I love coming here~ your work is beautiful and a ray of sunshine… Thank you for sharing in tutorials as well as others work. Wish you lived near so I can get unstuck when… which i am sure i will~ get stuck!
    But as the winter chill comes I am looking forward to getting back to learning to crochet. 🙂

    With Kindness,

  4. Those pictures really makes me smile!
    I so need to make a scarf in colours like those!

  5. Beauktiful ! The colors are wonderful. Just looking at them makes my day seem brighter.


  6. Hello Sarah, and thank you for visiting.

    It’s lovely to hear of your travel plans. Between now and then, I will definitely try to post some more hints about what a fine place New York can be.

    Meanwhile, I absolutely love all your posts and your way of giving every sort of color combination its time in the sun.

    (I gave my garland of stars, inspired by you, to a friend for a birthday gift … he was delighted. So, may I thank you for getting me going on that crocheting project.)


  7. do you have an instructions for a hip to hook pattern? i wanna make a scarf too…thanks…

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