mystery christmas crochet project

It’s time!

I’ve had this mystery project waiting in the wings! It’s designed especially for the Christmas Season and with Christmas being only 46 days away we best get started!

As I said, it is our Mystery Project for November, so no reveals til the end, plunge in if you have faith, plunge in if you love to crochet and plunge in if you’re looking to decorate with crochet this Holiday Season!

I think it’s nifty, I think you’ll like it, or perhaps you might think I have completely lost my marbles!

Supply List

4mm crochet hook


tapestry needle

2 x balls of 100g yarn in Green

1 ball of 50g Peter Pan ‘Darling’ yarn in White or Off White

Collect your supplies we will begin tomorrow!

NOTE: I’ve chosen a lime green, but any colour green will be fine, example, forest green, olive etc. Also if you are unable to source the ‘Darling’ don’t stress, plain white yarn will be just fine.


37 Comments on “mystery christmas crochet project

  1. Love the lime green. I think I’ll play along! Is this worsted weight yarn, then? Looking forward to the first installment, thank you so much.

  2. i’m a novice – but really looking forward to this!!


  3. I would love to be in this Mystery Project! Is that ok? Love to chrocet and love your patterns very much.
    Have a nice sunday evening.

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  7. I’m game! Sounds like fun and I love your pick of lime green! I went with a limey green that will match my Christmas decor! I can’t wait to see what it turns into!

  8. I’m game!! 🙂 I’m going to do the ‘mystery crochet project’ too! 🙂

  9. oh wow this sounds intriguing! i want to join! i followed the post from craftzine blog. ;O) how long will it take? i am in the middle of finishing a shawl.. should only take 2 more says tho, i think i have the perfect yarns for this project! Hope i get my shawl finished and can join!

  10. Sounds interesting and I already hve green and white yarn!

  11. Can’t wait to start ! But I didn’t see it until today so I’ll get the supplies this weekend and catch up!

  12. I’ve never done a mystery crochet project. This sounds like fun. Can we use two different colors for the green? Or is it better to use all one color?

  13. I’m very intrigued (and a very beginner crocheter) – but I might be game. I know I have green and white in my stash… I’ll be watching and hopefully participating!

  14. looking forward to it! I have white and a tealy sort of green, will that work?

  15. How wonderful! I’ve never done a mystery crochet!
    So do I need to sign up? When will we start?
    Thanks and greetings from Italy!

  16. Mystery and crochet. My 2 favouritest things ever. I’m in!
    I have lots of other projects that I will happily ignore in order to participate.

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  18. this is great – i love the colours, but doubt i’ll be able to find them out here. will make do – and can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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