Loopy Roses

The Loopy Roses PDF Pattern is now available.


14 Comments on “Loopy Roses

  1. wow, they look amacing:) wouldn’t mind wearing one of those.. Sadly I allready have way to many projects that I am working on!

  2. I love your PDF files! They are clear, colorful and most of all doable! I know they must be time consuming to to make up but they are much appriciated. Thank YOU!

  3. Can’t wait to receive my copy. Fell i love with them the first time I saw them on your blog. Know what all my friends will be getting for xmas this year. Pity there is no one to make one for me! Dev x

  4. I’m so excited — I’ve just emailed you for my copy of the pattern — the roses are just the cutest! Thanks – I’m anxiously awaiting = fun, fun, fun!

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  6. Thank you Sarah! I recived the patterns today, at work now but longing to get home to my yarn and hook.

  7. They are the perfect project for a stunning silk stash I have been saving for some little Christmas presents. Off to email you right now!

  8. i am french
    I want the tutorial
    how do i pay to you?(paypal?or e-card ?)
    thank you

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