Forty and Fabulous

My fabulous friend of twenty years, has turned 40! We finally caught up the other night, over the last twenty years we have seen each other ride the crazy roller coaster of life, been there through the highs and the lows, we’ve spent countless, and I mean countless hours on the telephone, Donna, you have been, and are, the bestest of friends! Happy Birthday to you! There we are below, Donna on the left and I’m on the right.

We had a lovely BBQ on the balcony of her new apartment and watched the fireworks light up the sky over Newcastle with a few glasses of bubbles, a lovely evening indeed!

As a footnote, I gifted Donna a piece of work from glass artist Setsuko Ogishi for her birthday. Below is a sampling of Setsuko’s work.

If you happen to be in the Hunter Valley be sure to visit Setsuko Ogishi’s Studio and Gallery. You can actually watch as Setsuko transforms glass into absolutely beautiful pieces of art, it’s amazing!


2 Comments on “Forty and Fabulous

  1. Hello hello, just got back from Australia myself and was reading your post thinking that doesn’t look like Newcastle and then realised you were in Newcastle! My beautiful sister in law went to school there! Small world, and Happy Birthday Donna,

    Sarah x

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