Circles into Squares





I’ve been joining last week’s circle motif’s with black, yes I know black! I’ve been adding little snippets of black throughout the house lately, but that’s for another post, so when it came time to join these crocheted circles the black was calling me! I still have a few more circles to crochet, I’m only half way through joining, I’m going with 10 x 10 motifs at this stage.

11 Comments on “Circles into Squares

  1. Just love it! I like the black. At my second try with wooleater yesterday , I managed! So happy.
    Kind regards
    from Sweden

  2. Dear Sarah,

    It looks very beautiful as always!
    What kind of yarn do you use?

  3. The black looks just fantastic. I really love the black around them

    What did you think of my photos with the off white?

    Now you know what I mean when I said about the seams not sitting flat!! But it is a gorgeous look isn’t it?

  4. To my eye, using the black surrounds seems to make those softly pretty harmonies even softer and prettier. Really interesting effect.

    If the circles had been brighter, the result would have been more of that traditional stained glass window granny effect. I really like the softer version.

    Well done!

  5. Hi Sarah,
    Black is the way to go!! Love it. I am doing this very same blanket (I call it Yvonne’s blanket because I first saw it on her blog (Yvestown) and begged her to take another photo of it which she did and put it on Flickr. I think it has inspired many!)
    Yours is fantastic (could it not be!) I’ve had problems knowing which way of joining looks best, mainly in the corners but think I’ve cracked it now. I’m really loving making it. My seems don’t lie flat so I think I may have a go at blocking it – have you?
    Just love all your work…

  6. Really pretty squares, but have to be honest that black doesn’t do it for me, however in the right setting, it will be stunning. Wool eater is next on my list of things to do along with a million other things! Dev x

  7. Even though black is a colour I avoid, generally, I can put my personal tastes aside, and say, it works beautifully in this. Hope black isn’t making too much of an appearance! Vanessa xxx

  8. Never thought black could be this beautiful. I’m inspired!

    Greetings Wimke (The Netherlands)

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