I’ve been meaning…

…to show you this for weeks now! Remember the Wool-eater samples I was crocheting, well here they are all joined up, creating a pretty patchwork effect! The best thing about making smaller motifs of the Wool-eater is that you can mix in a multitude of colours, using oddments of yarn, making this blanket more economical, and also, you can make either a square or a rectangular blanket!






I’ll be back tomorrow to show you what I did with these little ones.

29 Comments on “I’ve been meaning…

  1. Oh what lovely lovely colours. I’m inspired but need to wait to finish my current project first 😦

  2. Sarah, yet again your gift with both colour and crochet has produced something that looks sensational. I love it.

  3. I’m a self-taught new crocheter and so enjoy seeing your projects and the amazing colors you put together. This is a stunner.

  4. I just love love love your blanket!!! Don’t want to be at work now, want to be at home with my yarn and hook.
    I’m sure going to try this one.

  5. Olá, Sarah!
    Que trabalho lindo!!!! Parabéns!
    Foi confeccionado em linha ou em lã ?
    Beijos, Elisabeth Arruda

  6. Hello Sarah,
    I´m looking forward something nice and I see your blog.
    It´s amazing.
    So cute.

  7. c’est vraiment magnifique, les motifs, les couleurs…

    et vivement demain!
    I am impatient, since you started the “colour inspiration” , i wonder what it will be, what you do with these beautiful round
    (and sorry for my “google-english”)

  8. Fab, fab, fabulous! Just catching up on your blog after a nasty cold all last week, which put me out of action. Love the wooleater. Vanessa xxx

  9. Such beautiful colors and pattern. Is there a pattern available for this one?

  10. How exactly did you join these? Is it with just a bit of yarn joining each loop?

    By the way, I adore this pattern. I’ve been very busy making a bunch of little squares to eventually join together, so I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to join them!

  11. I love this afghan! I am going to make one for myself, but I was wondering how you joined the squares. Beautiful color choices!

  12. I was wondering about the pattern also. I’m new to crocheting, but I’m getting better all the time! It could be a goal for me to be able to create something this beautiful!

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