picture hanging + sorting by colour


Another thing ticked off my to do list over the weekend, hanging pictures with ease, with thanks to Command’s Picture

Hanging Strips. They work like magic and I’ll be using them again to hang these later in the week.

Also over the weekend I sorted books by colour, which then lead to sorting the DVD’s too, which could be going a little bit to far!



5 Comments on “picture hanging + sorting by colour

  1. Beautiful! I can really visualize this in my home now as you and I have many of the same books. Did you mean you were going to categorize DVD’s by color? My husband would draw the line at Jane Austen cavorting with James Bond…although they are both English…

  2. Thanks for showing us your book shelves. I have sorted by size and topic before but never colour!!

  3. Love that:) I have about 9 of those books on your shelf. I too organized by color. Love it.

  4. I love the books sorted by colour…and my gosh there are some real beauties amongst your collection…i could sit by that bookshelf for hours and hours!

  5. I would never sort by colour 🙂 always by title so I can find what I want easier. Makes a lovely patchwork of colour
    Although yours does looks so pretty with the different colour shadings

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