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Forgive me, but today I’m stepping up on the soapbox and about to have a little rant!

I have a fan and no I’m not going to link to her, she knows who she is. What I will say is that I’m a little over her renaming the crochet patterns I post and changing them a little, adding an extra chain here or there or renaming the stitches etc etc.

She has been merrily doing this for sometime and although it’s annoying what is really annoying me the most is that it is confusing people.

Those who are just beginning to crochet and even those more experienced. 

I am more than happy to assist those who are following my instructions, it’s best not to whine on forums {it’s a very small world out there, don’t forget} just come straight out and ask, and if I can help I most certainly will, blowing up my photos by 400% is not the solution. 

And one more thing, if you prefer to be a stalker and leave comments on my photostream under a false name, well let’s just say that it’s a little creepy and not nice, so please don’t be too offended when you find yourself blocked, best to be open and honest!

Ok, that’s enough for today,  I think I’ll step down now. 

See you tomorrow with a burst of colour!

14 Comments on “soapbox

  1. How creepy! How weird! How uncool! I hope whoever it is feels suitably ashamed and stops!


  2. I have just managed to find the time to view your step by step motif and oh boy, oh boy, isn’t it a joy!!! But first I have to say how incensed I feel on your behalf. All the work you put in to making something so beautiful and sharing and inspiring us to have a go. All the time and effort in carefully writing down the instructions so that we don’t fail. How could someone take what is yours and make it into theirs. I suppose you could turn it into a compliment, but that doesn’t quite work. So I just want to say thank you for the beauties. Thank you for putting so much colour into the world. And the Hawaiian flowers are a dream and when I have my time back I will certainly be having a go!!!!

  3. Most unfortunate.
    The fact you haven’t named and shamed shows what a lovely person you are.

  4. That’s terrible! I dislike people who take someones hard work/design and tweek it so it can be called their own. I don’t think people really understand how hard coming up with a writing a pattern are, let along showing “step by step” instruction. I’m not sure if you came up with the “Larksfoot” stitch or not, but I did fallow a video tutorial online. The hard thing is how can you tell who’s being honest and who is just turning it into a “free pattern”. Such a thin line when it comes to copyrights. I’m very sorry you are so frustrated but I don’t blame you a single bit!! I love fallowing your Flickr, and blog. I even draw a ton of inspiration from your crazy color combos, because they are so vibrant and I would never think to put them together. I hope you don’t let one person ever deter you from posting or helping others! Its a real shame that some people just don’t get it. As said by Jan you are a bigger person by leaving this one un-named. I probably wouldn’t be that nice 😉 Hope you have better times tomorrow!

  5. Sarah the new look blog is great. So much easier to read. Sorry about the stalker.

  6. Wow, that’s really sad. I love your crochet and colors and generous sharing of information. It’s an understandable soapbox.

  7. Sarah,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for quite some time and although I almost never comment, I wanted to take the time today. I don’t know any of the particulars of the situation you describe with this other person, I am constantly amazed at how some view the internet as some giant untangible space – Once people are linked with a common interest, it becomes quite a small community!

    If it makes you feel any better at all, I am never mistaken when I glance at your photos in Flickr’s crochet group – I know instantly they are Sarah London’s work, by color composition alone.

    I know it’s hard to consider, but it is the sincerest form of flattery when someone attempts to copy your style, but try anyway. Most of us within the crochet world at least know and appreciate your contribution, hopefully this person will be struck with the inspiration to actually create something themselves one day! 😉

  8. Hi Sarah,
    I am so sorry to hear that someone is using your designs that way… that’s really wrong…
    I love your work and think that it’s really amazing of you to share it the way you do! you really give a lot of inspiration and I follow your blog with lots of enjoyment!

    I hope that your post will solve the problem.

  9. How incredible, that must be irritating you enormously, the cheek of it! Shows just how mediocre that ‘fan’ is, that person should be ashamed. I think it’s a good thing you’ve talked about this, poor blog etiquette is something I’ve been at the bad end of. Stealing ideas so brazenly isn’t something I’ve had to go through yet.
    Vanessa x

  10. Not nice but unfortunately a problem that seems to go with the trade been there and got angry several times in my textile/crafting career thank goodness now my time is all playtime and l don’t need to earn a living at crafts

    Annoying as it is remember one thing you know it was your original idea and she isn’t capable of being as creative as you…you’re top dog in most peeps eyes there!
    Love the blog and the work look forward to the next project if l survive the shed building this week that is! lol

  11. ps…l Googled it and your site and name came up in the 1st 8 sites for Hawaiian Flower Motif…told ya top dog!!

  12. Whoever it is that has done that to your patterns should be very ashamed of themselves. If she is going to use your patterns then she needs to ask your permission and also put a link to your blog so that you get the proper credit!! Shame on her!!!

  13. Well that’s silly and very rude! She can’t beat the original though! There is only one you. 🙂

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