Lots of colours = lots of ends to weave in!

8 Comments on “Ends

  1. Glorious colour! And I love this pattern, never seen anything like this before. Will the pattern for this be in your next hip to hook, the August package?
    I received my hip to hook package yesterday, thank you. I like the surprise colour you chose for me.
    Sarah, your colours brighten my day.
    Love Vanessa xxx

  2. Dang that’s gotta be every color under the sun! Very cute pattern, it looks like it grows fairly quickly too.

  3. lovely! and i’m in love with your hawaian flowers too. many thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Sarah, I’m very much enjoying your blog, I find your use of colour to be absolutely beautiful! I live in Sydney and rely on my local Spotlight to feed my yarn obsession, yet can never seem to find an array of colours such as these. Where do you find most of your wool?

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