prize winning rosettes


August membership is now open, if you’d like to participate in Hip to Hook please email.

You can find out more about Hip to Hook here.  

4 Comments on “prize winning rosettes

  1. Hi Sarah…

    Have just found your site, and just in time by the looks of it! Have just started crocheting would love to have at go at the August project… what next?


  2. Please count me in… I hope the notification will come via my email addy… Bethel
    BTW Sarah these do look lovely… I just so love your choice of colours…

  3. Hi Sarah
    Is the Hip to Hook still open for August? I live in Canada… do you ship here?
    I just found your site…. love it. Please let me know if it is possible to join?
    Thanks… Jackie

  4. hello sarah;

    i love your prize winning rosettes, they’re so cute. i would love to make them, would you please share your pattern?

    thank you,


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