Step by Step


Another new cushion on the horizon, working on the diagonal makes a nice change!


8 Comments on “Step by Step

  1. You always use the most beautiful colors, I am so envious of your ability to put the right colors together. Do you have a specific approach?

  2. I love this pattern did you make it up your self? i would love to know how to do it. Nice bright colours to.

  3. I am really interested in joining the hip to hook club. Are you able to email me with the information on how to join.
    Thank you!

  4. Hi Mrs Sarah.
    I just found your site …Let me telle you that I love all the wonderful pattons and the mixe of your brigt colors…
    I canot pass on your site without not congratulating you for wour beautiful talent…
    May your site live for many, many years…
    And thand you for sharing your talents with us…I will recommend your site to all my friends..
    Ps: sorry for my poor english orthograph , but I do speak very esaly in english..
    Hope to come back again…

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