100% merino wool

Look! and look again at all those gorgeous colours! the first shipment has arrived, 35 colours out of a possible 64, it was hard choosing! Lots of fabulous colour combinations are screaming out to me, maybe they are to you too. So here’s what I’m going to do, if you are participating in this month’s Hip to Hook and you have chosen option A as your membership this month then go ahead and email me the colour code of 2 colours that you’d like for this month’s mail out. Of course if you’d like me to make the selection for you, that’s absolutely fine, I know a lot of you like the surprise element. Ok, I’m off to absorb all that colour and pick a favorite. Leave a comment and tell me, what’s your favorite colour from the colour chart!


15 Comments on “100% merino wool

  1. that.is.beautiful. wish I could join the club, but i can’t use wools anyways. those colors are gorgeous!

  2. Favourite colour – hot pink.

    I just saw your post about the big granny rug. I decided last night I wanted to make one

  3. I don’t know what the hip to hook is as I just found your blog and have not had time to read it all, but this is some beautiful yarn you have there! I love all the colors but am partial to turquoise and yellow!
    Have a Blessed Day,

  4. One of the things I want to learn from you is to be more adventurous in combining colors, so I don’t want to give you specific colors to send me. However, I am partial to cool colors.

  5. You lucky girl ! That would be grand to be surrounded by all that wonderful, colorful, mass of yarn. And I love the granny blanket from the previous post. The colors are beautiful, even if they are random. 🙂

    Have a great day!


  6. I’ll be leaving the choice to you. Your combinations are dazzling. I could go completely mad, especially with all the brights. Maybe some orange (or yellow, green, blue pink…..)

  7. WOW! really great post!
    Gorgeous colours!
    I think my favorite colour is the bright orange :).

  8. OMG – the colors!!!!!!!!! they are all breathtaking (as are your photos). I couldn’t pick any one color over another. The oranges and yellows, then the purples, pinks, and fuschias, then the reds, then the teal and neighbors…. oh, my, oh, my. Even the grays and browns are gorgeous! I want one of EVERY color!! this is the kind of wool that fuels my addiction to knitting and crochet

    one thing I would love to know is what kind of camera you have. Your photos are AMAZING!!!!!!

    I love your blog and your love of crochet and color – you are SOOOOOO inspiring!

  9. Went to the Melbourne Quilt Expo this weekend and had the delight of seeing these yarns close up – BEAUTIFUL!! The colours are devine, the quality is superb – and they feel so soft! My favourite colour is 405 – Lime!
    Kind regards – Dawn

  10. Fantastic colours – have been looking for yarn like this for ages and here it is! Love the look of your Granny Blanket – fab colours.

  11. Hi Sarah!
    i’m a fun of your work and i’m going through your blog. it takes me a while 🙂

    it broke my heart to see this post….

    Merino wool… so many cruelty and suffering are put into this beautiful thing…

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