yo yo’s

When it’s freeezzzing outside, it’s best to stay inside, and sit by the fire and crochet. If you’d like to crochet yo yo’s too you’ll find the tutorial here. 

9 Comments on “yo yo’s

  1. I love the colours and the crochet. I almost finished the afghan i am working on. Hope to finish the joining this weekend. You have inspired me. we are in the midst of winter here in South Africa and i need some sunshine colours…..

  2. I knew that tutorial and was planning to make this yoyo afghan but I think mine won’t look half as good as yours!

  3. You re doing a wonderful job of this rug… I saw the other one but wasn’t all that impressed but after seeing yours I think I’ll be having a go myself… thanks for sharing… OOroo… Bethel

  4. I have never seen the yo yo pattern before and I oh so like it!! I also like the pattern of the afghan in the post below. Do you do a double crochet with chain in between to make the white round? And how do you get it looking soooOO square?! Thanks for something so completely different.

  5. I guess I am a little late (about a year! LOL). The tutorial is no longer there. Yours is gorgeous, by the way! Love the colors you used. 🙂

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