Pretty in Pink

Every winter I bring home a pretty pink cyclamen from the supermarket, and every year I manage to kill it within three weeks. What’s the secret in keeping these plants alive? More water, less water, sunlight, no sunlight? If you have any tips please let me know, I’m determined to keep this one alive! 


3 Comments on “Pretty in Pink

  1. Keep moist but not wet. They go dormant when it’s warm so it will help to keep them flowering to put outside at night time. Once the warm weather comes put out in a neglected part of the garden where it can stay dry, and watch for new shoots once the Autumn rains come 🙂

  2. Hello there. I enjoy looking at your clean crisp blog. Thanks for sharing! As for the cyclamen. I water from the bottom. The corm doesn’t like being wet. Dead head regularly and when all the leaves and flowers have gone leave it alone to dry out, until the buds start to appear, then you can water gently!! Don’t give up on them. You will be surprised at how many look dead and are actually having a rest!!!

  3. From what I’ve heard, they’re just not terribly fond of being inside – I think it’s a plot by florists to make us keep buying more of them!

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